Siemens NX 1946 Build 3700 (NX 1926 Series)

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Siemens NX 1946 Build 3700 (NX 1926 Series)

Siemens NX 1946 Build 3700 (NX 1926 Series) | 15.7 Gb
Languages: English, 中文, Čeština, Español, Français, Deutsch, Italiano,
日本語, 한국어, Polski, Português, Русский

The software developer Siemens Digital Industries Software is pleased to announce the availability of NX 1946 Build 3700, the latest release of NX 1926 Series is a maintenance release of a product that does not add new features or content and intended to solve minor problems and "bugs".

NX 1946.3700 Series Release Notes - Date: April 2021

1946.37,8429037,Selected Extract geometry (Sheet & Solid) not highlighting in 3D space instea,DESIGN,SELECT_INTENT,BODY
1946.37,8444909,CAM NX1926B Layer Settings Not As Saved ,DESIGN,EXPRESSION,MEASUREMENTS
1946.37,8455144,Skizze lдsst sich nicht bearbeiten ,DESIGN,SKETCHER,EDIT_CURVE
1946.37,8460232,CreateThreadBuilder fails on internal SYMBOLIC_THREAD of NX1926 Threaded Hole ,DESIGN,FEATURE_MODEL,THREAD
1946.37,8461053,Hidden feature (pre)selected by NX ,DESIGN,SELECT_INTENT,BODY
1946.37,8463773,CreateThreadBuilder fails on internal SYMBOLIC_THREAD of NX1926 Threaded Hole ,DESIGN,FEATURE_MODEL,THREAD
1946.37,8466844,Ordinate Dimension values are changed performing Export 2D Exchange ,TRANSLATOR,UGTO2D,EXPORT_DRAFTING
1946.37,9651906,Mold Wizard Stock Size - bad preview using see thru instead of edge display ,KDA,MOLDWIZARD,STOCK_SIZE
1946.37,9680430,Not possible to click OK within operation dialog after convert to explorer style,CAM,OPERATION,OTHER
1946.37,9772334,translating catia v5 product includes file id name ,TRANSLATOR,CATIAV5,IMPORT_ASSEMBLY
1946.37,9815256,License module nx_layout is not present when editing sketch ,DESIGN,SKETCHER,UNDETERMINED
1946.37,9896149,Escape Key does not clear selection in Assemblies in NX 1926 and Teamcenter 11 ,KDA,COLLABORATION,OPEN_LINK
1946.37,9904524,CAM NX1926 Spindle Speed Updating Without User Consent ,CAM,LIBRARIES,FEEDS_SPEEDS
1946.37,9905091,Error received when part saved ,DESIGN,SKETCHER,UNDETERMINED
1946.37,9910371,User defined Punch Pocket Color ,KDA,DIE_ENGINEERING,PUNCH_PROG
1946.37,9910455,Escape Key Doesnt Work. ,KDA,COLLABORATION,OPEN_LINK
1946.37,9915200,STP File could not be imported in NX1942 ,TRANSLATOR,STEP_AP214,IMPORT_GEOMETRY
1946.37,9922327,Fatal Error Opening CAM Assy ,CAM,PART_CORRUPTION,ALL
1946.37,9922695,Save fails after Deleting Sketch with A deleted or invalid class id was used ,DESIGN,SKETCHER,UNDETERMINED
1946.37,9922808,Non-associative point on curve is incorrect using Arc Length ,SYSENG,UI_CONSTRUCTORS,POINT
1946.37,9923606,Parallel Generate Error in Managed Mode: Part is not currently loaded ,CAM,TC_MFG,OTHER
1946.37,9930683, NXOpen::CAM::BoundarySetPlanarMill::SetPlaneType() is not working. ,CAM,JOURNALING,ALL
1946.37,9932353,Quick Pick showing hidden features ,DESIGN,SELECT_INTENT,BODY
1946.37,9935127,Edit Object Display performance (Ctrl + J) ,SYSENG,UI_TOOLS,UI_TOOLS
1946.37,9936560,Sketch(12) in a new Part is defect and cannot be repaired. ,DESIGN,SKETCHER,EDIT_CURVE
1946.37,9936731,Internal error when typing an expression value beginnin ,DESIGN,EXPRESSION,ALL
1946.37,9938879,User Defined PMI Multiple line - not previewing in GUI correctly ,PMI,KF_SUPPORT,ALL
1946.37,9939308,Esc key is not working in NX1934 managed mode ,KDA,COLLABORATION,OPEN_LINK
1946.37,9943522,edit sketch internal error memory access violation ,DESIGN,SKETCHER,EDIT_CURVE
1946.37,9944229,Error occurred during display of part ,DESIGN,SKETCHER,UNDETERMINED
1946.37,9946334,Making comp work part gives internal error during auto refset change ,DESIGN,SKETCHER,UNDETERMINED
1946.37,9946615,NX hangs up while loading LSA assy with preloaded sub structure ,DESIGN,INFO_ANALYSIS,MASS_PROPERTIES
1946.37,9948195,Export translation of NX drawing to IGES seem to hang / never finish ,TRANSLATOR,IGES,EXPORT_DRAFTING
1946.37,9949267,Collision__ AREA_MILL ,CAM,AREA_MILL,ALL
1946.37,9950255,Waving PMI Coordinate Note that have relation to PMI Feature Control Frame is no,PMI,WAVE,CORE
1946.37,9950912,NX1946 hangs when importing brd file ,PRINTED_CIRCUIT,PCB_EXCHANGE,ALL
1946.37,9951586,Loading assembly stop due to improper reference sets warning message ,GATEWAY,OPEN_JT,LOAD_FRAMEWORK
1946.37,9951631,Its unable to import/export PCB data when file name or path have Korean texts. ,PRINTED_CIRCUIT,PCB_EXCHANGE,ALL
1946.37,9955558,Finding corrupted PMI wave linked objects. ,PMI,WAVE,CORE
1946.37,9955808,Wave feature is broken when update in NX1946 ,DESIGN,WAVE,LINKED_BODIES
1946.37,9955810,Wave feature is broken when change Current Timestamp feature in NX1946 ,DESIGN,WAVE,LINKED_BODIES
1946.37,9957786,Reference Standard part issue with Integration with Teamcenter. ,KDA,MOLDWIZARD,STANDARD_PARTS
1946.37,9957789,PDW with Teamcenter creating staged parts wizard creates _top assembly adds to ,KDA,PROGRESSIVE_DIE,PROJECT_INITIAL
1946.37,9957791,Mold and Die bases are not coming in with Teamcenter ,KDA,PROGRESSIVE_DIE,ALL
1946.37,9958248,CATIA Translator does not export geometry in assemebly node parts ,TRANSLATOR,CATIAV5,EXPORT_ASSEMBLY
1946.37,9958252,License Error : License module nx_layout is not present. ,DESIGN,SKETCHER,EDIT_CURVE
1946.37,9963768,Flat Pattern canґt be added to existing part (+ Jog fails) ,NX_SHEET_METAL,FLAT_PATTERN,ALL
1946.37,9965019,Calculate Area do not give the right result and remove features that is suppress,KDA,MOLDWIZARD,ALL
1946.37,9965563,Automatic update of Feeds & Speeds not working properly ,CAM,OPERATION,OTHER
1946.37,9966779,Wrong Item ID for the PDW top assembly ,KDA,PROGRESSIVE_DIE,PROJECT_INITIAL
1946.37,9971525,Save error: invalid class id was used ,DESIGN,SKETCHER,UNDETERMINED
1946.37,9972120,Sheet Metal Flat Pattern Drawing View contains undesired/annoying geometry ,NX_SHEET_METAL,FLAT_PATTERN,ALL
1946.37,9972861,Sheet Metal Flat Pattern delivers unexpected results in associated drawing views,NX_SHEET_METAL,FLAT_PATTERN,ALL
1946.37,9973155,using Ansys data for SC durability ,CAE,ADV_SIMULATION,UNIF_DATA_VIE
1946.37,9975233,Feature2cost- slider movement direction ,KDA,FEATURE2COST,MOLDING_COST
1946.37,9979025,The transparency of bounding box is different by NX version. ,KDA,MOLDWIZARD,BOUNDING_BODY
1946.37,9979329,Crash exit when selecting boundaries in basic design transverse bulkhead ,SHIP_DESIGN,BASIC_DESIGN,TRNVRS_BULKHEAD
1946.37,9979353,internal error-memory access violation occurs by selecting the component ,ASSEMBLIES,SEQUENCING,PATH_PLANNING
1946.37,9979446,Internal Error when performing part Cleanup - Clean Feature Data ,DESIGN,SKETCHER,DIMENSIONS
1946.37,9980341,PDW creates wrong item type of PDW and ID for blanks and top assembly in TC ,KDA,PROGRESSIVE_DIE,OTHER
1946.37,9981438,an internal error occurred in the teamcenter soa client ,KDA,PROGRESSIVE_DIE,PART_FAMILY
1946.37,9981464,Mirrored body visually incorrect color display with load option lightweight rep.,DESIGN,FEATURE_MODEL,MIRROR_BODY
1946.37,9982116,Internal error when trying to play an Assembly Sequence ,ASSEMBLIES,SEQUENCING,PATH_PLANNING
1946.37,9984572,Kanji error in command. ,NXMANAGER,ASSEMBLY,WHERE_USED
1946.37,9985239,/ deletes part of the Component Name ,ASSEMBLIES,ASSEMBLY_MODEL,COMP_PROPERTIES
1946.37,9989454,Missing volume file after FCC upload due to TLS handshake error ,NXMANAGER,DEAP,ALL
1946.37,9990723,Unable to open Analysis Model revision in NX by selecting the UG icon from TC to,CAE,ADV_SIMULATION,FILE_OPERATIONS
1946.37,9990806,Check-Mate throws internal error on UF_WEIGHT_estab_comp_props ,KDA,KNOW_FUSION,LANGUAGE
1946.37,9997948,Steel Distribution ,SHIP_DESIGN,MANUFACTURING,DISTRIBUTION
1946.37,9998899,Set Machining Data Calculator Buttons Active after Machining Data Set ,CAM,LIBRARIES,FEEDS_SPEEDS
1946.37,10000727,Additive Manufacturing Wall Thickness Command Unusable ,KDA,VALIDATION,ADDITIVE_CHECKS

Siemens NX 1946 Build 3700 (NX 1926 Series)

Siemens NX software is a flexible and powerful integrated solution that helps you deliver better products faster and more efficiently. NX delivers the next generation of design, simulation, and manufacturing solutions that enable companies to realize the value of the digital twin.

Supporting every aspect of product development, from concept design through engineering and manufacturing, NX gives you an integrated toolset that coordinates disciplines, preserves data integrity and design intent, and streamlines the entire process.

Siemens become the first major CAD/CAM/CAE vendor to deliver its software using Continuous Release methodology in January 2019. The new Continuous Release process significantly reduce the time between the proposal of a new enhancement, and its deployment to the end users. Customers will now have the opportunity to deploy the latest NX productivity enhancements more quickly in their production environment which helps them become more productive when using NX. In addition the Continuous Release will also reduce deployment costs for incremental updates.

Adopting a continuous release strategy also allows both Siemens NX and our customers to be more responsive to new ideas and trends in technology, once again allowing our customers to stay ahead of their competition.

What's New Siemens NX 1926 - X Form enhancement - you can now modify your poles symmetrically

Siemens Digital Industries is an innovation and technology leader in industrial automation and digitalization. In close cooperation with our partners and customers, we are the driving force for the digital transformation in the discrete and process industries.

Product: Siemens NXSeries
Version: 1946 Build 3700 (NX 1926 Series) *
Supported Architectures: x64
Website Home Page :
Language: multilanguage
System Requirements: PC **
Size: 15.7 Gb


Files save in the NX-1926 Series (NX-1926 and higher) cannot be opened in the NX-1899 Series and lower versions of the NX

Minimum Operating Systems
- Microsoft Windows 10 (64-bit) Pro and Enterprise editions

Windows 10
Windows 10 is the minimum supported release for NX 1926. The supported versions of Windows 10 are the Pro and Enterprise editions utilizing Semi-Annual Channel (SAC) updates.
Windows 7 and 8.1
Windows 7 has reached the end of life and mainstream support has ended. Windows 8.1 is still supported by Microsoft, but was rarely deployed. These two versions of Windows are no longer supported by NX 1926. Siemens Digital Industries Software has not performed testing on these version and cannot resolve any issues related to NX 1926 running on these operating systems. If NX 1926 is deployed on these versions of Windows, any issues will have to be replicated on Windows 10 before filing an incident report with GTAC.
Windows XP and Vista
Windows XP support from Microsoft has ended and Vista was rarely deployed so these two versions of Windows are not supported by NX 1926. Siemens PLM Software has not performed testing on these versions and cannot resolve any issues related to NX 1926 running on these operating systems. If NX 1926 is deployed on these versions of Windows, any issues will have to be replicated on Windows 10 before filing an incident report with GTAC

Recommended System Configuration:
- 64-bit Windows 10 operating system
- 4 GB RAM minimum, 8 GB or 16 GB RAM recommended
- True Color (32-bit) or 16 million colors (24-bit)
- Screen Resolution: 1280 x 1024 or higher, widescreen format

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Siemens NX 1946 Build 3700 (NX 1926 Series)