Siemens NX 2206 Build 1700 (NX 2206 Series) with Documentation

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Siemens NX 2206 Build 1700 (NX 2206 Series) with Documentation

Siemens NX 2206 Build 1700 (NX 2206 Series) with Documentation | 15.6 Gb
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The Siemens Digital Industries Software development team is pleased to announce the availability of NX 2206 Build 1700 (NX 2206 Series). With each new release of NX, we are continuing to innovate, creating the most productive modeling environment for all.

What's new in Siemens NX | Summer 2022

Feature Templates
Siemens are always pushing to benefit your workflows and support efficient product design. The summer 2022 release of NX is providing you with a new capability that is essential in accelerating exactly this, through efficient knowledge reuse of objects within a part. This will benefit you, our users, by providing broader content coverage. This enables richer functional capability and deeper codeless configurability to jump start efficient reusability. Additionally, you will find expanded content coverage beyond just parametric features. This now includes related product manufacturing information (PMI), requirement checks, and other non-associative geometry. This update also takes User-Defined Features to a whole new level of content fidelity, configurability, and user productivity. As a bonus, Feature Templates are easy to configure and deploy in the Reuse Library within NX.

Siemens NX 2206 Build 1700 (NX 2206 Series) with Documentation

Model Based Definition
As you probably know already, Model Based Definition (MBD) provides a rich set of data that defines a variety of characteristics beyond size and shape. This enables a truly comprehensive digital twin. By including PMI within the CAD model, engineers can produce a complete digital definition of a product in an annotated and organized manner. With the new Feature Template object in this release, this supports the storing and reusing of PMI. Supported PMI annotation objects consist of, notes, labels, datum feature symbols, datum target, feature control frames, and surface finish symbols. While supported PMI dimension objects consist of, linear, radial, angular, chamfer, thickness, and hole callout. Customer symbols are also supported. Like we’ve said above, users can create and configure from the reuse library, as well as inherit their PMI settings from the template or target part.

Siemens NX 2206 Build 1700 (NX 2206 Series) with Documentation

Electronic Design Collaboration
There has never been a more important time for a collaboration between electrical, electronic and mechanical design. With software and electronic-based features replacing more ‘old school’ mechanical hardware functionality, the time is now to secure this essential blend. NX offers further improvements to support a robust workflow for rigid and rigid-flex designs. This is especially important given increased product complexity and packaging constraints. This is enhanced further with streamlined workflow and efficiency gains for library management in native and managed mode. These enhancements help to improve and increase the collaboration between electronic and mechanical design departments during all phases of the product lifecycle.
Multi-user Notification
We all know what it’s like working with team members remotely. If you’re a designer, that can be particularly difficult when collaborating on a design with colleagues around the world. Now, with NX Multi-user notification and Teamcenter’s Active Workspace, we can help teams stay connected globally. This feature allows multiple users to track, follow and design changes live. So, wherever you’re based in the world, you’re able to see the most up to date changes, and who made them. In the ‘multi-user notification’ inside of NX you can select to be notified of changes to any of the components and sub-assemblies. These will then be highlighted in the graphics window for easy access and consistent, successful collaboration.
Core Modeling
An underpinning stage in your design workflow is your use of core modeling and how you’re utilizing NX’s Sketch feature. With one of our latest features, Sketch now facilities easier modifications through improved handling of curve endpoint conditions. Similarly, there are also new options for multiple sketch curved endpoint modification. These enable you to edit your design more easily and freely. Not only this, but with the new Sketch solver enhancement, we have worked hard to reduce sketch creation time with new midpoint identification. An overarching essential we need users to experience is flexibility within their workflow. With functional sketch patterning, we have allowed exactly that. Pattern creation in Sketch is now more powerful than ever, with a new dragging function – overall producing a much higher quality for your design.
We’ve also introduced advanced shape design. This allows users to create free hand drawn curves by matching or snapping them onto existing curves, again, improving your productivity. This introduction comes from the additional options to the Draw Curve command which helps accelerate curve creation workflows.
Likewise, the update to NX Algorithmic Modeling has been enhanced to now support convergent modelling workflows. By adding convergent body support, this empowers users to handle complex patterns and shapes quickly and efficiently.
Within the core design stage, model analysis preparation has been enriched with Divide Face Diagnostics. This feature is often used to prepare a model for running CAE analysis. However, with the new diagnostics we’ve introduced, users can now successfully complete their analysis without all the divisions being complete.

Siemens NX 2206 Build 1700 (NX 2206 Series) with Documentation

Core Technology
Core technology, such as the NX Core Architecture, is key to driving the continued success of our customers. It is critical that we provide an advanced and modern technology framework to support leading-edge innovation around things, like Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML). This framework enables us to do things like providing a complete solution that takes advantage of data without having to re-master the data, or the ability to directly read and modify previous NX data.
A perfect example of this technology is the new Select Similar Faces. We know that saving time in any aspect of your design workflow is key to staying ahead of the game. This new feature provides the ability to perform operations on geometrically similar functional regions, with a reduced number of clicks. Users can speed up searching and selection of functional regions with saved region profiles.

Siemens NX 2206 Build 1700 (NX 2206 Series) with Documentation

Design for Additive
Saving time in your design process is a huge win for any user. With this in mind, we have introduced a new Clean up Facet Body Wizard. This new tool determines whether there are any issues or defects on your model. This enhancement can improve your workflow efficiency by up to 95%! The new Clean up Wizard also allows you to switch between automatic repair, interactive defect removal and repeated analysis simply and easily. This is also important for people using synchronous modeling. This saves on manual checks to facet geometry being water tight, before combining them with NX solid body modeling; and sending to 3D print.

Siemens NX 2206 Build 1700 (NX 2206 Series) with Documentation

Additive Mold Design
The latest release of NX brings greater support tools to help take advantage of additive manufacturing, from end use parts, to more efficient mold cores and cavities. With the introduction of conformal cooling, we are now able to provide quicker and more accurate cooling of the part before being sent to manufacture. Our conformal cooling channels wrap automatically around your mold geometry. NX has various ways to create a conformal cooling channel. One of these ways gives you full control over the distance that needs to be maintained between product surfaces and cooling channel center. From this you can chose the bend radius to achieve a proper flow of cooling water into your model.

2206,8483099,Wire Edm Tool and Structure Manager,CAM,TC_MFG,OTHER
2206,8485974,Customer Default Assemblies_WeightDataAccuracy should explain new option values,ASSEMBLIES,WEIGHT_MANAGE,ALL
2206,8493967,"About the icon displayed in the ""Precise structure"" column.",NXMANAGER,FILE_SAVE,PRECISE_ASSEM
2206,8494347,"Inconsistent result with OOTB MBD rule ""Name Components""",MBD,LOGIC_EDITOR,OOTB_RULES
2206,8494627,Flat Pattern Export to Trumpf GEO causes a crash,NX_SHEET_METAL,FLAT_PAT_EXPORT,TRUMPF
2206,8495118,"[CAD]The ""From-To"" symbol is garbled: Need version information for font files.",DRAFTING,ANNOTATION,TEXT_RENDERING
2206,8495218,Renamed Feature Expression not displayed in PNT User Expressions node,DESIGN,EXPRESSION,ALL
2206,8495435,Open STEP quietly by NXOpen changes internal program name persistent in session.,TRANSLATOR,STEP_AP214,ALL
2206,8495855,Import decimal values in parameters table from MS Excel doesn't work.,DESIGN,EXPRESSION,PARAMETER_TABLE
2206,8496987,Default Graduated Colors button is described in documentation,SYSENG,DOCUMENTATION,GATEWAY
2206,8497014,NX crashes when pasting balloons,DRAFTING,ANNOTATION,COPY/PASTE
2206,8558523,PCB Exchange L10N issues,PRINTED_CIRCUIT,PCB_EXCHANGE,ALL
2206,8600648,"Curve Analysis: Comb Auto-sizing in View, Dynamic Update and Suggest Scale mode",DESIGN,INFO_ANALYSIS,CURVE_COMBS
2206,8600655,X-form: Snap Options setting is not remembered,STUDIO_DESIGN,FREE_FORM,XFORM
2206,8601412,"Part family library: get error ""The selected component is not in current library",KDA,MOLDWIZARD,STANDARD_PARTS
2206,9802735,NXMGR: Part Name is not auto-populated when importing a baseline in managed NX,PRINTED_CIRCUIT,PCB_EXCHANGE,ALL
2206,9802906,Feature Detection in NXCAM depend on the part visibility.,CAM,DOCUMENTATION,ALL
2206,9832121,Automatic update icon changing to blue when entering Task application,SYSENG,INSTALL_ISSUES,AUTO_UPDATE
2206,9903284,Edge location count reduces when switching current feature,SYSENG,NXOPEN,C++
2206,9908495,Replace Machine Tool in NX CAM Managed Mode…,CAM,TC_MFG,TEMPLATES
2206,9995023,nx sequence motion interference not working properly,ASSEMBLIES,SEQUENCING,MOTION
2206,10020240,order of exported plots,CAE,MOTION,NAVIGATOR
2206,10045046,Area attributes cannot be defined when the flexible board is bent,PRINTED_CIRCUIT,PCB_EXCHANGE,ALL
2206,10056531,VR Controller Mapping missing for HP Reverb G2,SYSENG,VIRTUAL_REALITY,USER_INTERFACE
2206,10061632,"Libref has set with the correct Revision by using ""Retrieve Machine within TC",CAM,TC_MFG,OTHER
2206,10074540,Dialogs in new Sketcher and F1,UGDOC,GENERAL,ALL
2206,10095279,Remove Discontinuity issue Routing Mechanical when subassembly is work-part.,ROUTING_GENERAL,PATH,ASSIGN_DISCONT
2206,10109381,Functions are not listed in order in the Export window.,CAE,ADV_SIMULATION,XYPLOT
2206,10110538,404 Error When Accessing Programming Tools Documentation,UGDOC,GENERAL,ALL
2206,10126129,Please add documentation as what order .krx file is being read for Reuse Library,KDA,REUSE_LIBRARY,LIBRARY_MGT
2206,10129953,coupling_info.pch generated byTransfer Admittance: one side labeled STRUCTURAL,CAE,ADV_SIMULATION,VL2NX_ACOUSTIC
2206,10140993,"save failed ""a deleted or invalid class id was used""",ASSEMBLIES,ARRANGEMENTS,ALL
2206,10146130,Hole Drill Tip Angle Locked in on creation and edit,DESIGN,DOCUMENTATION,ALL
2206,10149969,Save JT Data functionality doesn't use current UGII_PV_TESS_CONFIG_FILE value,TRANSLATOR,NX_JT,GENERAL
2206,10159359,CAM Cutting Spun from Cut Component not created,CAM,MACHTOOL_BUILDR,ALL
2206,10162062,Machining data inheritance,CAM,USER_INTERFACE,OTHER
2206,10163991,Overstock on fitting becomes modified when ref set is changed to entire part,ROUTING_GENERAL,STOCK_AS_COMP,OVERSTOCK
2206,10164293,"CMM Catia: CMM in batch mode stops migration with the message ""Log out"".",CMM,CATIAV5,ALL
2206,10175197,not to work next arrow(green arrow) both scenario post and in result tab's.,CAE,ADV_SIMULATION,POST_APPL_SPECI
2206,10183643,Report shortest Tool Raises Error when Check Geometry is Used,CAM,TOOL_PATH,OTHER
2206,10184549,Road from the submechanism is in the wrong position in parent,CAE,MOTION,ROAD
2206,10186088,The line width output is different in NX versions when PDF outputF,GATEWAY,PDF,ALL
2206,10189311,"API results are different from interactive NX for ""Import ECAD Model"".",PCB_EXCHANGE,ALL,ALL
2206,10192472,Legend and annotations seem not to be selectable,CAE,ADV_SIMULATION,POST_LEGEND
2206,10193504,Stock not trimmed when elbow placed on connected curves,ROUTING_GENERAL,PATH,CONN_CURVES
2206,10197100,Synching cad properties on polygon bodies is not working as expected,CAE,ADV_SIMULATION,UPDATE_FEM
2206,10199751,Assembly Component position different between top assembly and sub assemnbly,ASSEMBLIES,ARRANGEMENTS,ALL
2206,10200933,"Exported a Drawing as CGM from NX, Image is missing",DRAFTING,FILE_OPS,CGM_DRAWING
2206,10202478,NX crashes with fatal error while executing validate assembly operation.,VSA,ASSYOPS,ALL
2206,10203067,Internal error while operating on a file with Variation Analysis set.,VSA,MEASOPS,ALL
2206,10205711,NXOpen.CAM.CAMSetup.RetrieveDevice() gives internal error in managed mode,CAM,TC_MFG,MRL_CONNECT
2206,10207008,Define a robot,MFG_LINE_DESIG,GENERAL,ALL
2206,10207700,tire friction plots,CAE,MOTION,TIRE
2206,10209850,Please correct the clerical error in the NX document.,SYSTEM,DOCUMENTATION,ALL
2206,10212995,Saving CAM Setup under NX1973 creates additional objects in TC,CAM,TC_MFG,OTHER
2206,10214623,machine tool retrieve in NX brings wrong Assembly structure in TC BOM,CAM,TC_MFG,OTHER
2206,10215708,"Documentation for ""Add a new tool class"" example needs updating",CAM,DOCUMENTATION,ALL
2206,10220246,"Documentation - Information on negative stock with ""wall profiling""",CAM,DOCUMENTATION,ALL
2206,10223556,Plate Preparation invalid feature parameters missing target body,SHIP_DESIGN,MANUFACTURING,PLATE_PREP
2206,10227751,Linear Pattern of Polygon doesn't update by driving expressions.,DESIGN,SKETCHER,PATTERN
2206,10228581,Visible in View not Honored in JT Assembly in certain Scenario,TRANSLATOR,NX_JT,PMI
2206,10228655,"Using ""Change Cutouts to Holes"" filter is removing holes exporting Baseline.",PCB_EXCHANGE,IDX_EXPORT,ALL
2206,10229547,DMP solution for quadrupole analysis crashes on Linux,CAE,ADV_SIMULATION,VL2NX_ACOUSTIC
2206,10232545,"Retrieve Null-Machine with ""cam_teamcenter_ascii_library.dat"" Configuration does",CAM,TC_MFG,OTHER
2206,10235857,USER FATAL MESSAGE 1126 or access violation error with FEMAO,CAE,ADV_SIMULATION,NVA_ACO_SOLV
2206,10239945,"In NX2000 item ""Start UDE: All Events"" is not visible at the main dialog",CAM,USR_DEFINED_OPS,ALL
2206,10241971,Mechatronics interface - generic cosim - Missing documentation for code implemen,CAE,MOTION,CO_SIM_CONTROLS
2206,10242711,distance entered in mm in assembly distance constraint results in distance in m,ASSEMBLIES,POSITIONING,CONSTRAINTS
2206,10246824,3axis deburring - 3+2 lead angle not working,CAM,MULTIAXIS_DEBUR,ALL
2206,10246836,3axis deburring - 3+2 - fixed to main axis issue,CAM,MULTIAXIS_DEBUR,ALL
2206,10250950,"Feature ""Measure""",DESIGN,INFO_ANALYSIS,MEASURE
2206,10253878,PR - PLoad missing on SOL402 after importing,CAE,ADV_SIMULATION,NASTRN_NX_IMPRT
2206,10254045,Notification pop-up is displayed after the translation is over and it doesn't na,TRANSLATOR,IGES,GENERAL
2206,10254411,Modeling Spreadsheet Documentation Outdated / Missing Information,GATEWAY,DOCUMENTATION,ALL
2206,10255075,Subassembly Drawing does not show PMI defined in standard views,SHIP_DESIGN,MANUFACTURING,ASSEMBLY_DWG
2206,10256186,NX Flexpipe - computed results of .xmo motion data not correct,FLEXIBLE_PIPE,ROUTING,ALL
2206,10258219,"""Support for object layers on export"" is two times in the STP translator section",UGDOC,GENERAL,ALL
2206,10259517,About the behavior of Dimension when Sketch is Activate,DESIGN,SKETCHER,DRAG
2206,10261493,NXMGR: part_utility generating NX dataset in multi-cad ItemRev,NXMANAGER,UTILITIES,REFILE
2206,10262006,Machine Library -Part can not open by Spreadsheet,ASSEMBLIES,PART_FAMILIES,GENERAL
2206,10262021,Electrode Design Blank allows some Sheet Body as Head to create odd Electrode,KDA,ELECTRODE_DESGN,ADD_BLANK
2206,10262616,About setting the line style when exporting DXF,TRANSLATOR,DXF_DWG,ALL
2206,10263300,Export Part Outside Teamcenter hangs NX 1996 and caused large FCCcache,NXMANAGER,CLONE_EXPORT,EXPORT_ASSEMBLY
2206,10264399,Simulation of TRANS AROT and ATRANS is not calculated together,CAM,ISV,MACH_CODE_BASED
2206,10264487,Make Current Feature fails with Internal Error,DESIGN,SKETCHER,UNDETERMINED
2206,10264551,NX2007 Onboarding Video content requires User to Login to Siemens Support Center,SYSENG,UI_TOOLS,UI_TOOLS
2206,10264851,Next Sketch - unjustified alert for conflicting persistent relations,DESIGN,SKETCHER,CONSTRAINTS
2206,10265000,Translator Fails if Dataset name includes a slash (/),TRANSLATOR,CATIAV5,EXPORT_ASSEMBLY
2206,10265288,This functionality is applicable for Teamcenter 13.1 and later. To enable this f,STAGE_MODEL,TEAMCENTER,CORE
2206,10265360,extrude from selected with poor performance,DESIGN,FEATURE_MODEL,EXTRUDE_GENERAL
2206,10265885,Flexible Pipe,FLEXIBLE_PIPE,KINEMATIC,ALL
2206,10266002,Start UDE settings are not Fixed in customized NX1980 Explorer Node,CAM,USER_INTERFACE,CUSTOMIZATION
2206,10266277,Units appear suddenly in expression list,DESIGN,EXPRESSION,ALL
2206,10266340,Geometry disappearing or Position reset in Additive Application,ADD_FIXED_PLANE,SUPPORTS,OTHER
2206,10266683,Streams referencing expressions don't import when importing simulation entities.,CAE,ADV_SIMULATION,IMPORT_SIM
2206,10267016,NX - Ship Mesh Automation - formula not resolved correctly,SHIP_DESIGN,TOOLS,CAE_PREPARATION
2206,10267090,NXOpen: Visual report is not unloaded completely between NX sessions,GATEWAY,VISUALREPORTING,ALL
2206,10267237,"Parasolid Export throws ""Prototype part is temporary"" with unloaded Wave parent",DESIGN,FILE_OPS,EXPORT_PARASOLI
2206,10267345,Lower Shank Diameter incorrect when the Relief Length Change,CAM,TOOLS,MILLING
2206,10267404,External Solving Process + Solutions Manager,CAE,MOTION,SOLUTIONS_MNGR
2206,10267786,Creo Drawing Formats are not getting migrated to NX using CMM,CMM,PROENGINEER,ALL
2206,10267801,Error pointer during mesh creation,CAE,DES_SIMULATION,MESH_3D_TET
2206,10267859,"mixed element orders, missing midside nodes",CAE,ADV_SIMULATION,MESH_3D_TET
2206,10268452,Export Parasolid with assembly structure,DESIGN,FILE_OPS,EXPORT_PARASOLI
2206,10268527,Edit Hole Table text of merged cells causes code 580009 randomly,DRAFTING,TABLES,HOLE_TABLE
2206,10268743,"NX Advanced Weight Management, NX Open UF_WEIGHT_estab_comp_props1 have differen",ASSEMBLIES,WEIGHT_MANAGE,ALL
2206,10268787,NX Motion application Solve->Post tool->Trace: generate multiple unnecessary Fac,CAE,MOTION,SCENARIO_POST
2206,10269209,NX settings folder is not copied when installing NX2011,SYSTEM,WNT_INSTALL,ALL
2206,10269313,Environment variable family save dir in KRX file not kept nor documented,KDA,REUSE_LIBRARY,DEFINE_REUSE_OB
2206,10269422,On exporting custom annotation type created with Box at Model location is not,CAE,ADV_SIMULATION,POST_JT
2206,10269567,Unable to select section line as object while measuring the angle in NX1980,DRAFTING,ANNOTATION,CENTERLINE
2206,10269666,Missing reference parenthetical on dual metric value,DRAFTING,SETTINGS,DIMENSION
2206,10269819,Nodal Force Report,CAE,ADV_SIMULATION,POST_RESULT
2206,10270024,Mold Wizard seems to be stripping the starting and ending {} from any lists in t,KDA,REUSE_LIBRARY,INSERT_REUSE_OB
2206,10270054,Assembly/component part navigator filters are overridden on save by work part,DESIGN,PART_NAVIGATOR,FILTER
2206,10270336,Next Sketch - Tangential Constraint not possible,DESIGN,SKETCHER,CONSTRAINTS
2206,10270513,IGES file is not imported correctly.,TRANSLATOR,IGES,IMPORT_GEOMETRY
2206,10270979,issue with direction of enforced load,CAE,ADV_SIMULATION,BOUNDARY_COND
2206,10271020,SOL 111 error with MODCON on AWS,CAE,ADV_SIMULATION,NVA_ACO_SOLV
2206,10271517,The settings displayed in the English and Japanese environments are different.,DRAFTING,ANNOTATION,EDGE_CON_SYM
2206,10271546,FP4888: Meassure with whole body selection leads to wrong part position,FLEXIBLE_PIPE,GENERAL,ALL
2206,10271711,"About ""Result Selection"" in the ""Deformation"" tab of the ""Post View"" dialog in a",CAE,ADV_SIMULATION,POST_DEFORM
2206,10271930,Adaptive Milling - Missing Levels and Air Cutting,CAM,ADAPTIVE_MILL,ALL
2206,10272001,History Modeling Preference disregards user confirmation response (yes/no),DESIGN,SYNC_MODEL,NO_HISTORY
2206,10272164,FRN feed rate values are widely different in the newer NX version,CAM,POSTPROCESS,NX_POST
2206,10272779,"VB.Net, Solution, Resultprobe, rename",CAE,ADV_SIMULATION,NXOPEN
2206,10272836,The new CAM ONT doesn't allow switching between functions with a single click,CAM,USER_INTERFACE,ONT
2206,10272938,Editing the 'FPC Flat Solid' feature disassociates annotations on the drawing,FLEX_PC_DESIGN,FLAT_SOLID,ALL
2206,10273063,Change documentation to changed behavior of translators,TRANSLATOR,STEP_AP203,ALL
2206,10273257,Multi Axis Deburring Cannot Paste Inside with Reference,CAM,UFUNC,ALL
2206,10273371,Automated Testing Studio cannot delete test with User UNC and/or Root Directory,ARCHITECTURE,ATS,UI
2206,10273469,Sheet metal - memory acces after sketch edit,NX_SHEET_METAL,FLAT_PATTERN,ALL
2206,10273558,NXOpen::IgesCreator has reversed values on reading setting file back and forth,TRANSLATOR,IGES,GENERAL
2206,10273559,Helical Insert Thread Callout - Trouble Achieving Format to Meet Our Standard,PMI,DIMENSION,HOLE_CALLOUT
2206,10274652,NX crashes in Tool Path Animation with display IPW turned on,CAM,TOOL_PATH,SIMPLE_PLAY
2206,10274755,NXOpen.UF.UFSetup.GenerateProgram generating empty/invalid PROGRAM Files,CAM,POSTPROCESS,ALL
2206,10274796,MW component CATALOG attribute needs second modification to update,KDA,MOLDWIZARD,STANDARD_PARTS
2206,10274911,Place PTS part in Mechanical Routed System Designer does not create new item,RSD_GENERAL,PART,PLACE_PART
2206,10274935,Deleting Nose Segments of Form Tool gives memory access violation,CAM,TOOLS,TURNING
2206,10275074,Non-continuous B-axis rotation with G96,CAM,ISV,MACH_CODE_BASED
2206,10275238,X-Form slow with Measure-Feature,DESIGN,INFO_ANALYSIS,MEASURE
2206,10275264,Disappearing Nodal Force Reports,CAE,ADV_SIMULATION,POST_DISPLAY
2206,10277853,SpecDur - Different results for the same calculation on Simcenter 2021.1 and 202,CAE,ADV_SIMULATION,DUR_SPEC_SOLV
2206,10277866,Dependent sketch updates for legacy files fail in the new Sketch Solver,DESIGN,SKETCHER,VTK_SOLVER
2206,10279074,"Motion Body UI - ""0"" selected Objects",CAE,MOTION,FILE_OPERATIONS
2206,10279448,Requested callback interface not found,CAM,USER_INTERFACE,ONT
2206,10279634,Error opening a JT: Transform failed: the transformation matrix…,GATEWAY,OPEN_JT,UNDETERMINED
2206,10279743,Performance issue by using 2D laser scanner,MECHATRONICS,SENSOR,BEAM_SENSR
2206,10280563,"[CAD]The ""From-To"" symbol is garbled make sure to always install the latest font",SYSENG,INSTALL_ISSUES,INSTALLER
2206,10280564,Unable to use assembly measurement for stock rotation,DESIGN,EXPRESSION,MEASUREMENTS
2206,10280583,Section in the drawing is not calculated,DRAFTING,DRAWING/VIEW,PARASOLID
2206,10281937,Simcenter3D BEM: unclear error on + request to extrapolate loads to ForcingFreqs,CAE,ADV_SIMULATION,NVA_ACO
2206,10282325,Clip section is not cutting the flexible body,CAE,MOTION,FLEX_BODY_SC
2206,10282462,Electrode Fixture tumbles around and off blank with non-aligned MSET,KDA,ELECTRODE_DESGN,OTHERS
2206,10282543,Positioning and Runtime Issue for Point on Curve Kinematics Chain NXMCD,MECHATRONICS,JOINT,POINT_ON_CURVE
2206,10283217,Use one NXRemote.properties for all users,ROUTING_ELEC,CAPITAL_INTEG,CORE
2206,10283287,NX917905 - Enhancement of Parasolid files in NX2011,DESIGN,FILE_OPS,IMPORT_PARASOLI
2206,10283322,Incorrect Hole size in Hole Table,DESIGN,FEATURE_MODEL,CHAMFER
2206,10283656,Graph objects bug - reordering + creating,CAE,MOTION,NAVIGATOR
2206,10283732,Components shown in detail view,DRAFTING,DRAWING/VIEW,DETAIL_VIEW
2206,10283781,"Could not open , Object is not a smart object",DESIGN,ARCHITECTURE,SMART_OBJECTS
2206,10283798,"Performance issue to hide, show group when we select objects in group first.",SYSENG,UI_FRAMEWORK,ON_SCREEN
2206,10283909,JT2NX: Smart LW View fails to save Multi-CAD inter-part reference,GATEWAY,OPEN_JT,SMART_LW
2206,10285498,Variable Axis Guiding Curves operation can not generate Multiple depth cut.,CAM,SURFACE_CONTOUR,VAR_AXIS_PATH
2206,10285685,"""Notify on Delete"" customer default does not work",DESIGN,FEATURE_MODEL,DELETE
2206,10286217,Expression value not update as per data base,KDA,MOLDWIZARD,STANDARD_PARTS
2206,10286358,BracketReinformentPiece SA_COMPONENT_LENGHT attribute missing,SHIP_DESIGN,STEEL_FEATURES,BRACKET
2206,10286477,CAM NX2206 EVP59 3D Roughing Error in External Library,CAM,3DROUGH,ALL
2206,10286514,"NX ""New Sketch"" : Remaining D.O.F. ?",DESIGN,SKETCHER,OFFSET_CURVE
2206,10287084,"Error in external library ""3-axis deburring""",CAM,MULTIAXIS_DEBUR,ALL
2206,10287148,Inconsistencies in Extract Feature but not in original geometry,DESIGN,FEATURE_MODEL,EXTRACT_BODY
2206,10287186,"Next Sketch - Problems with relations, sketch is no longer fully defined",DESIGN,SKETCHER,CONSTRAINTS
2206,10287272,Hide/show of Motion objects whilst doing EVA,CAE,MOTION,ANIMATION
2206,10287275,Deselected filter in Part Navigator Search still marks column Name as filtered,DESIGN,PART_NAVIGATOR,FILTER
2206,10287312,EVA model display and handling performance,CAE,MOTION,ANIMATION
2206,10287456,IDF file is not imported correctly,PCB_EXCHANGE,ALL,ALL
2206,10288215,Deleting and adding attributes is noticeably slower in the NX 2007/2015 line,CAM,USER_INTERFACE,CAM_SESSION
2206,10288987,"""Internal error: memory access violation"" occurs while operating a part module",DESIGN,PART_MODULE,UNDETRMINED
2206,10289118,About behavior of layout changing after a license error occurs,SYSENG,UI_TOOLS,RIBBON
2206,10289131,NX fails to import Step file (Error number: 1),TRANSLATOR,STEP_AP242,ALL
2206,10289332,"Runtime Error ""Failed to initialize FMU.""",MECHATRONICS,INTEGRATION,FMI
2206,10289733,Problem with simulation velocity when using G64 and quadrant arc output,CAM,ISV,MACH_CODE_BASED
2206,10290352,"The linked body ""Replacement Assistant"" is grayed out",DESIGN,WAVE,LINKED_BODIES
2206,10290491,"Unstable behavior of the ""Until Next"" option for extrusion",DESIGN,FEATURE_MODEL,EXTRUDE_GENERAL
2206,10290777,Circuit Editor winding configuration destroys connections,CAE,ADV_SIMULATION,LF_EM
2206,10290832,Ship Structure XML export is not in accordance with the OCX standard.,SHIP_DESIGN,BASIC_DESIGN,STRUCTURE_XML
2206,10290969,CAM NX2206 EVP59 Multi-Step Shank Migration for Existing Tools,CAM,TOOLS,MILLING
2206,10291032,Green locks in expressions.,DESIGN,EXPRESSION,INTERPART
2206,10291043,Incorrect collision with boring tool,CAM,ISV,MACH_CODE_BASED
2206,10291108,"After open STEP quietly by NXOpen, the displayed part Properties UI throws IE",TRANSLATOR,STEP_AP214,ALL
2206,10291483,Motion Body is selected when the mouse cursor is away from it,CAE,MOTION,LINK
2206,10291491,Glue-noncoincident mesh mating condition creates no connections,CAE,ADV_SIMULATION,CONNECTIONS
2206,10291558,VTL Teach Mode - Machine Control,CAM,TURNING,TEACHMODE
2206,10291823,"The ""Remove Missing Parents"" button does not appear in the ""Radial Dimensions"" d",PMI,PRODUCT_GRID,UI
2206,10291943,Limited number of current waveform points,CAE,ADV_SIMULATION,LF_EM
2206,10292066,Relinking Product Interface Bodies during clone not working as expected,DESIGN,WAVE,LINKED_BODIES
2206,10292072,"The function ""Insert sheet"" crash before to start because is trying to have 1000",DRAFTING,DRAWING/VIEW,SHEET_INSERT
2206,10292081,CAM NX2206 EVP59 OOTB Mill 5-Axis Postprocessor Error,CAM,POSTPROCESS,ALL
2206,10292154,ShipDesign.AssemblyViewBuilder.Orientation uses odd and undocumented index,SHIP_DESIGN,MANUFACTURING,ASSEMBLY_DWG
2206,10292217,Universal Joint Alert IRT Spinvector and CrossSpinvector,CAE,MOTION,JOINT
2206,10292981,Export Assembly from Teamcenter export the wrong item revision,NXMANAGER,CLONE_EXPORT,EXPORT_ASSEMBLY
2206,10292999,EVA frequency animation - reading Flex Modes for each animation start,CAE,MOTION,FLEX_BODY_SC
2206,10293021,MCD Preferences - Error message: The density should be a positive number,MECHATRONICS,MISCELLANEOUS,CONTEXT_MENU
2206,10293197,Parameter Tables Export - commas vs. dots,CAE,MOTION,PARAM_TABLES
2206,10293480,[PS34.1.197] No Intersection Found…but clearly intersected,DESIGN,CURVE,INTERSECT
2206,10293752,User or Group specified do not exist in database.,NXMANAGER,CLONE,CLONE_ASSEM
2206,10293869,elementRevolveBuilder.GetCommittedObjects does not return the object.,CAE,ADV_SIMULATION,ELEM_OPERATIONS
2206,10294004,Next Sketch - Sketch after migration no longer fully defined,DESIGN,SKETCHER,VTK_SOLVER
2206,10294161,Tremendous Loading Time in the New Sketch Environment for Large Sketches,DESIGN,SKETCHER,RENEW
2206,10294528,CAM NX2206 EVP59 Zlevel Undercut NCM Dialog Node Prefix,CAM,ZLEVEL_MILL,USER_INTERFACE
2206,10294721,"mesh.ExportMeshProperty update Export To Solver toggle in Mesh Associate Data, b",CAE,DES_SIMULATION,MESH_DISPLAY
2206,10295135,DXF file created in NX2015 cannot be opened in DWG TrueView.,TRANSLATOR,DXF_DWG,ALL
2206,10295235,"Export DXF fails for ""General Fault Exception""",TRANSLATOR,DXF_DWG,EXPORT_DRAFTING
2206,10295310,Need better information on supported Java version and alternative distributions,SYSENG,DOCUMENTATION,ALL
2206,10296240,[Create Default Hole Tolerance] rule does not work for if the hole face already,MBD,LOGIC_EDITOR,OOTB_RULES
2206,10296287,PostConfigurator output wrong U and W value of turning cycle G71,CAM,POSTPROCESS,NX_POST
2206,10296582,"Unable to load NX part, ""Internal error: access memory violation"" returned",DRAFTING,DIMENSION,LINEAR
2206,10296639,"Unable to load a drawing part, ""Corrupt data found when loading an OM file""",DRAFTING,DRAWING/VIEW,VW_ALIGNMENT
2206,10296662,"Jumping axes in CSE simulation when switching channel, using TRAILON and GETD",CAM,ISV,MACH_CODE_BASED
2206,10296826,CAM NX2206 EVP59 3D Roughing Error in External Library 2,CAM,3DROUGH,ALL
2206,10296844,"Shape Search does not work if the Type is ""Part""",KDA,SHAPESEARCH,SEARCH
2206,10296895,Nxtocgmdirect translator 4 tier supported or not?,NXMANAGER,DOCUMENTATION,ALL
2206,10297246,NXOpen.Features.ThreadBuilder creates invalid features on Commit exception,DESIGN,FEATURE_MODEL,THREAD
2206,10297348,Flex geometry gets filled in on PCBx Export,PCB_EXCHANGE,IDX_EXPORT,ALL
2206,10297524,Part Family Spreadsheet Row Order Changes,GATEWAY,SPREADSHEET,ALL
2206,10297938,3D Roughing - Excessive Toolpath Segments Connecting Moves,CAM,3DROUGH,ALL
2206,10297939,3D Roughing – Smoothing Not Applied,CAM,3DROUGH,ALL
2206,10298053,Creation #94: Index File,CAE,ADV_SIMULATION,FE_ASSY_VRTICAL
2206,10298236,NX2007 (NX2015) Issue: Sketch Overconstrained –> fully defined,DESIGN,SKETCHER,UNDETERMINED
2206,10298363,"Floor_Facing: Failure creating the preview, memory access violation",CAM,FACE_MILL,OTHER
2206,10298382,"""Machining Data was not set"" error message when Mass Edit operations",CAM,BASIC_FUNCTIONS,MASS_EDIT
2206,10298411,Local update server for MSP for Simcenter 2022.1 (2007) not working,SYSENG,INSTALL_ISSUES,CUST_DRIVEN
2206,10298478,Postprocessor does not output correct angles in Cycle800,CAM,POSTCONFIG,ALL
2206,10298511,Profile manufacturing xml output providing wrong orientation X axis values for e,SHIP_DESIGN,MANUFACTURING,MANUXML_OUT
2206,10298535,Creation #96: not work well with crimp connection option,CAE,ADV_SIMULATION,FE_ASSY_VRTICAL
2206,10298555,Status of the sketch is different in the Part Navigator and within the Sketch ap,DESIGN,SKETCHER,VTK_SOLVER
2206,10298864,Material Library Custom Boolean Property Filter,CAE,ADV_SIMULATION,MATERIALS
2206,10299200,Part attribute is truncated in part family,ASSEMBLIES,PART_FAMILIES,GENERAL
2206,10299418,Feature2Cost Stamping - Internal Memory Error on Embossing,KDA,FEATURE2COST,STAMPING_COST
2206,10299549,Joint jogger gravity error,MECHATRONICS,ACTUATOR,JOINT_JOGGER
2206,10299552,DropDown Anzeige Operation Eintrag Gruppe Automation,MECHATRONICS,PHYSICS_NAV,NAVIGATOR
2206,10299632,Early Access Toggle Feature Product Template Author faulty,KDA,FTS_UI,ALL
2206,10299639,Feature Template Renaming of reference objects not possible,KDA,FTS_UI,ALL
2206,10299875,Custom UDE code example in NX help documentation is wrong,CAM,DOCUMENTATION,ALL
2206,10299926,"About MBD rule :""Create Locating Dimension on Holes""",MBD,LOGIC_EDITOR,OOTB_RULES
2206,10299997,"""remove ipw scrap"" does not work for several models in the worpiece",CAM,TOOL_PATH,SIMPLE_PLAY
2206,10300242,NXOpen.Measurement.GetBoundingBoxProperties needs better description,DESIGN,INFO_ANALYSIS,MEASURE
2206,10300295,Inverse Kinematics does not provide appropriate solutions.,MECHATRONICS,ACTUATOR,INVERS_KINEMATC
2206,10301068,Simcenter Samcef blocks when reading simulation results,CAE,ADV_SIMULATION,POST_RES_SAMCEF
2206,10301188,Math Function Preview fails due to incorrect evaluation of units,CAE,MOTION,FUNCTION
2206,10301379,PCB Exchange Log File for Compare and Udate PCA,BETA_EAP,OTHER,ALL
2206,10301559,PCB Exchange: Compoents are not Placed Using New CSYS Information,BETA_EAP,OTHER,ALL
2206,10301573,Inconsistent behavior with mass properties using assertions,ASSEMBLIES,WEIGHT_MANAGE,ALL
2206,10301666,contact on head of development of Simcenter 3D,CAE,ADV_SIMULATION,NVA_MLD_LD_PP
2206,10301786,Block PID sheets (Read Only). Changing equipment,NXMANAGER,DEAP,ALL
2206,10301787,Importing results in Teamcenter managed mode causes boundary conditions to sleep,CAE,ADV_SIMULATION,POST_OTHER
2206,10301793,Companion results not working in Teamcenter managed mode,CAE,ADV_SIMULATION,POST_OTHER
2206,10301962,The second variable was read/written incorrectly by modbus TCP,MECHATRONICS,INTEGRATION,TCP_UDP
2206,10302538,"""Internal error"" if modeling_standards files are missing",DESIGN,FEATURE_MODEL,HOLE
2206,10302781,Running pmi_semantic_validation check mate check corrupts part,PMI,CHECKING,CORE
2206,10302877,No expression values can be used for 'Minimum Value' and 'Maximum Value',KDA,FTS_UI,ALL
2206,10302891,Feature template - 'Increment' value does not work properly,KDA,FTS_UI,ALL
2206,10302967,Not able to load part.,CORRUPTED_PARTS,MODELING,ALL
2206,10303032,Overstock Selection Issue with Deform Feature,ASSEMBLIES,DEFORM,ALL
2206,10303082,NX crashes when a Note is placed on a drawing numerous times,SYSENG,UI_COMPONENTS,OTHER_BLOCK
2206,10303343,The problem is that a large OP2 file slows down the graph drawing time,CAE,ADV_SIMULATION,POST_PROBE
2206,10303490,Legacy Sketch Fillet Usage - Sketch Solver Fillet Usage,DESIGN,SKETCHER,FILLET
2206,10303505,Filename must be unique within a data manager.,DESIGN,INFO_ANALYSIS,MEASURE
2206,10303552,1D point to face connection failed with Selection recipe,CAE,ADV_SIMULATION,CONNECTIONS
2206,10303853,Track Deburr Edges not working as expected,CAM,PLANAR_DEBUR,ALL
2206,10303899,F2C analysis data not provided back to PCM,KDA,FEATURE2COST,STAMPING_COST
2206,10304108,Not being able to stack FCF in the Stage Model application,STAGE_MODEL,PMI_REUSE,CORE
2206,10304492,PDW: PDW_PROJECT attribute with folder path as prefix in Teamcenter,KDA,PROGRESSIVE_DIE,PROJECT_INITIAL
2206,10304503,"Component Color is not set to ""No Color"" by default",SYSENG,DISPLAY,EDIT_OBJS_DISPY
2206,10304880,Fit changes perspective even though customer default is set to lock it,SYSENG,DISPLAY,PERSPECTIVE
2206,10304981,NX gets stuck when Extrude end limit option is set to Through All,DESIGN,FEATURE_MODEL,EXTRUDE_GENERAL
2206,10305425,Associative option of datum csys does not work in work part.,DESIGN,FEATURE_MODEL,DATUM_CSYS
2206,10305749,Resistance Spot weld is created at projected location in NX1980 without any warn,KDA,WELD_ASSISTANT,WELD_PT_WIZARD
2206,10305775,CAM NX2206 EVP60 As-Saved In-Process Operation Status,CAM,BASIC_FUNCTIONS,UNDETERMINED
2206,10305980,Post-Placement of flanges in Mechanical Routing in Managed Mode,ROUTING_GENERAL,PART,PLACE_PART
2206,10306031,"Helix output incorrect, Post Configurator Sinumerik Libraries",CAM,POSTCONFIG,ALL
2206,10306286,Sweep feature fails during feature playback,DESIGN,FEATURE_MODEL,SWEEP_ALG_GUIDE
2206,10306632,PTS: Edit Reusable component triggers Interpart-Update for Plane,ASSEMBLIES,ASSEMBLY_MODEL,PROD_INTERFACES
2206,10306637,Realize Shape - Extrude Cage with setting Sharp does not lead to sharp edges,STUDIO_DESIGN,SUBDIVISION,SELECTION
2206,10306709,No tracking Points for Cutter defined during Toolpath Verification,CAM,VERIFY,3D_DYNAMIC
2206,10307055,NX1973 Welding Joint although molding lines on opposing side,KDA,WELD_ASSISTANT,WELDING_JOINT
2206,10307078,Select Method Group missing in Multi Axis Deburring Customization Dialog,CAM,MULTIAXIS_DEBUR,ALL
2206,10307203,Floor Facing Preview Internal Error,CAM,FLOOR_WALL_MILL,CONTAINMENT
2206,10308138,Using patterns parametrically within a sketch does not work and additionally sta,DESIGN,SKETCHER,PATTERN
2206,10308184,Missing preview of already selected datums while editing planar ship grid,SHIP_DESIGN,TOOLS,3D_SHIP_GRID
2206,10308370,tcin_import with -save_r switch warning: Invalid report log file specified,NXMANAGER,DOCUMENTATION,ALL
2206,10308520,Cannot Deform MM component in INCH assy,ARCHITECTURE,UNITS,ALL
2206,10308681,Error adding progressive die wizard standard parts with Name only references,KDA,PROGRESSIVE_DIE,STD_PARTS_LIB
2206,10308737,UDF help page does not work with the UGII_UDF_DOCUMENT_HOME variable in TCNX.,DESIGN,FEATURE_MODEL,UDF_WIZARD
2206,10309088,Changing End limits in Extrude causes problem,DESIGN,FEATURE_MODEL,EXTRUDE_UI
2206,10309942,Issue in paste special,CAE,ADV_SIMULATION,POST_DISPLAY
2206,10310184,Simcenter 3D Motion solver error,CAE,MOTION,SOLVER_LMS
2206,10310334,"ProblГЁme de maillage avec l'outil ""Maillage 2D dГ©pendant"", noeud en dehors du co",CAE,ADV_SIMULATION,MESH_2D
2206,10310474,Unable to apply Measure Local Thickness,DESIGN,INFO_ANALYSIS,MEASURE
2206,10310574,Missing physical properties for cquadx4 elements,CAE,ADV_SIMULATION,NASTRN_NX_LANG
2206,10310991,Inconsistent behaviour while using Translate Method in Weld Point Wizard.,KDA,WELD_ASSISTANT,WELD_PT_WIZARD
2206,10311094,Scrap-Design Settings,KDA,ENG_DIE_WIZARD,SCRAP_DESIGN
2206,10311655,CYCLE95 No second target coordinate available (EXECTAB issue ?),CAM,ISV,MACH_CODE_BASED
2206,10311861,Angular dimensions are still the same where in some cases they show correct and,KDA,ELECTRODE_DESGN,OTHERS
2206,10312447,Cannot Get Output Curves and Committed Objects from Offset Curves in Sketch,DESIGN,SKETCHER,JOURNALING
2206,10312626,A memory access violation occurs when moving a view,DRAFTING,DRAWING/VIEW,VW_PLACEMENT
2206,10312850,Internal error: memory access violation reselecting tool in Sequential milling,CAM,SEQUENTIAL_MILL,ALL
2206,10313873,Plate feature looses region after copy part between planes,SHIP_DESIGN,STEEL_FEATURES,CPY_PRTS_BT_PLN
2206,10313885,CAM Initialization with custom tempalte takes long in NX2019,CAM,USER_INTERFACE,CAM_SESSION
2206,10314153,Convert to sheetmetal part fails to nest without changing layer settings,2D_NESTING,OUTPUT,ALL
2206,10314681,2D Laser scanner: distance string value via signal is empty,MECHATRONICS,SENSOR,BEAM_SENSR
2206,10315391,Pre/Post with attached FE model very slow.,CAE,ADV_SIMULATION,NASTRN_NX_EXPRT
2206,10315894,Loading Detail design Section results in an Internal error Weld edge prep preven,SHIP_DESIGN,MODELING,ALL
2206,10316013,NX Diagramming - Tag Annotations for Connections,KDA,NX_DIAGRAMMING,DESIGN
2206,10316203,Pattern Curve pitch distance is not updating from expression value,DESIGN,SKETCHER,PATTERN
2206,10316265,Smooth Transfer move corners,CAM,3DROUGH,ALL
2206,10316337,Friction Definition,CAE,MOTION,JOINT
2206,10317122,Sketch become over-constrained after change expression value,DESIGN,SKETCHER,PATTERN
2206,10317131,Estimated error range is not displayed when we change the default value,ASSEMBLIES,WEIGHT_MANAGE,ALL
2206,10317341,NXOpen::NXColor::Label returns ambiguous localized names,SYSENG,VISUALIZATION,COLOR_PALETTE
2206,10317391,Insufficient error handling of NXOpen::ColorManager::Find with invalid index,SYSENG,VISUALIZATION,COLOR_PALETTE
2206,10317474,No Central Curve Message in Tube Additive Operation,CAM,ADDITIVE,ALL
2206,10318317,IK does not display an error though a specified pose is unreachable.,MECHATRONICS,ACTUATOR,INVERS_KINEMATC
2206,10318470,Delay Model Update gets activated automatically by Make Current Feature on Error,DESIGN,ARCHITECTURE,MODEL_DELAY
2206,10318489,"PMI ""Hole and Thread Callout""s are not updated with Feature Template",PMI,FEAT_TEMPLATE,ALL
2206,10318630,NX Diagramming - Tag Annotations from Teamcenter properties,KDA,NX_DIAGRAMMING,DESIGN
2206,10319212,Documentation for Studio Task context-menu options shows the old style icons,SYSENG,DOCUMENTATION,GATEWAY
2206,10319278,NX Advanced Search issue,NXMANAGER,SEARCH,ADVANCED
2206,10319359,Rotated Parts List and Part Family Table revert back to default angle on drag,DRAFTING,TABLES,PARTS_LIST
2206,10319618,Keyboard Customize - UG_CAM_ONT_COLLAPSE_ALL - Fails in New ONT,CAM,USER_INTERFACE,ONT
2206,10319706,MW unable to edit Std Part The selected component is not in the current library,KDA,MOLDWIZARD,STANDARD_PARTS
2206,10320616,FlexiblePipe: Default solver setting for ID&U is ignored,FLEXIBLE_PIPE,GENERAL,ALL
2206,10320789,NX locks up while editing sketch dimension.,DESIGN,SKETCHER,DIMENSIONS
2206,10320871,PWELD disappears in SC3D Vibro-Acoustic Env,CAE,ADV_SIMULATION,CONNECTIONS
2206,10322174,"Unable to display help information, Application context is not found",MFG_PRESS_SIM,GENERAL,ALL
2206,10322195,Measure Text - not able to adjust Text Settings,DESIGN,INFO_ANALYSIS,MEASURE
2206,10322339,"Cannot hide ""MBD Navigator"" and ""MBD Query"" tab in Resource bar persistently",MBD,NAVIGATOR,OTHERS
2206,10322905,RBE3 weighting factors,CAE,ADV_SIMULATION,CONNECTIONS
2206,10322986,error sending to HPC with .mas file,CAE,MOTION,SOLVER_LMS
2206,10323366,NX is crashing when trying to export a Trumpf GEO file from Flat Pattern,NX_SHEET_METAL,FLAT_PAT_EXPORT,TRUMPF
2206,10323499,graphics for contact results disappear vs cut position value,CAE,ADV_SIMULATION,POST_DISPLAY
2206,10324575,Overflow stress shown in black on cutting plane with cutting plane display,CAE,ADV_SIMULATION,POST_DISPLAY
2206,10324642,Creating new Visualization Template cause NX to freeze/hang,SYSENG,UI_TOOLS,DLG_MANAGEMENT
2206,10324847,Contour stress results missing from cutting plane with cutting plane display,CAE,ADV_SIMULATION,POST_DISPLAY
2206,10325375,Crash editing multiple subcases,CAE,ADV_SIMULATION,NASTRN_NX_LANG
2206,10325457,ModelingPreferencesBuilder.NotifyOnDelete Is returning an exception,DESIGN,FEATURE_MODEL,ISOLATE
2206,10325527,# can not output code to find <JABL>: <UGS::Annot::DatumReferenceBuilder…,DRAFTING,ANNOTATION,FCF_BUILDER
2206,10326141,Unable to save models after an ANSYS import,CAE,ADV_SIMULATION,ANSYS_IMPORT
2206,10327082,Wave Link Multiple Bodies into New Part Fails to Retain All Materials,CAE,ADV_SIMULATION,MATERIALS
2206,10328253,"""Associate Object"" command result differs depending on if the component part is",FLEX_PC_DESIGN,FLAT_PATTERN,ALL
2206,10328358,Internal error post processing with overflow and underflow,CAE,ADV_SIMULATION,POST_DISPLAY
2206,10328809,symbol import tool does not work,KDA,REUSE_LIBRARY,SYMBOL
2206,10328887,Crash editing a condition sequence,CAE,ADV_SIMULATION,CONDITION_SEQ
2206,10329498,PR - Reassigning a mesh to a different collector,CAE,ADV_SIMULATION,MESH_DISPLAY
2206,10330231,Export drawing to DXF doesn't create the dxf output file,TRANSLATOR,DXF_DWG,EXPORT_DRAFTING
2206,10330742,Roads cannot be hidden from Motion Navigator,CAE,MOTION,ROAD
2206,10332757,ADINA Nastran interface parallel entry was not passed in argument to adina.bat,CAE,ADV_SIMULATION,NASTRN_NX_EXPRT
2206,10334225,"Wheel Covering: Replace Base Data, Results will be wrong",KDA,GENERAL_PACKAGE,WHEEL_COVERING
2206,10335072,Animation issue with Thermal Flow analysis,CAE,ADV_SIMULATION,POST_DISPLAY
2206,10336923,"Code 943005 ""Input for part revision was invalid"" when translating drawing to PD",NXMANAGER,TRANSLATORS,INFRASTRUCTURE
2206,10337082,Memory access violation on Delete Face command,DESIGN,SYNC_MODEL,DELETE_FACE
2206,10341117,"Signal 11, Internal error in basic design plate when updating",SHIP_DESIGN,BASIC_DESIGN,GENERIC_PLATE
2206,10348658,"Pattern in sketch, constraints override the dimensions",DESIGN,SKETCHER,PATTERN

Siemens NX 2206 Build 1700 (NX 2206 Series) with Documentation

What is new in Siemens NX | Summer 2022 Launch Teaser

Join us on Tuesday 21st June at 11:00 EST (16:00 BST) for the live launch event of the Summer 2022 release of Siemens NX.
Siemens NX’s continuous release strategy is what we are providing, to bring you the latest and greatest every six months. We are striving to consistently deliver value to you and enhance productivity and user experience across Siemens NX. Innovating new technology and capabilities is only part of our arsenal. We also continue to revolutionize our existing capabilities to ensure that we provide the maximum level of efficiency and ultimate user-experience for you, our customers.

Siemens is the first CAD/CAM/CAE software company to offer a continuous release model. With NX Continuous Release, upgrading is fast, automated, and seamless.

Experience NX Continuous Release

Siemens Digital Industries Software is a leading global provider of product life cycle management (PLM) software and services with 7 million licensed seats and 71,000 customers worldwide. Headquartered in Plano, Texas, Siemens Digital Industries Software works collaboratively with companies to deliver open solutions that help them turn more ideas into successful products.

Product: Siemens NX Continuous Release
Version: 2206 Build 1700 (NX 2206 Series) with Documentation *
Supported Architectures: x64
Website Home Page : www.plm.automation.siemens.com
Languages Supported: multilanguage
System Requirements: Windows **
Size: 15.6 Gb


Files saved in NX-2206 Series (NX-2206 and above) cannot be opened in NX-2007 Series and lower versions of NX

NX version designation table after NX-12

NX-1847 Series: 1847-1851-1855-1859-1863-1867.xxxx
NX-1872 Series: 1872-1876-1880-1884-1888-1892.xxxx
NX-1899 Series: 1899-1903-1907-1911-1915-1919.xxxx
NX-1926 Series: 1926-1930-1934-1938-1942-1946.xxxx
NX-1953 Series: 1953-1957-1961-1965-1969-1973.xxxx
NX-1980 Series: 1980-1984-1988-1992-1996-2000.xxxx
NX-2007 Series: 2007-2008-2011-2015-2019-2023-2027.xxxx
NX-2206 Series: 2206

Siemens NX 2206 Build 1700 (NX 2206 Series) with Documentation

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Siemens NX 2206 Build 1700 (NX 2206 Series) with Documentation