SortPix Fotosortierer XL v2.0.5 Bilanguage

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SortPix Fotosortierer XL v2.0.5 Bilanguage

SortPix Fotosortierer XL v2.0.5 Bilanguage | 13.1 Mb

On nearly every computer the amount of digital photos increase over the years very strong. Due to duplicate folders, duplicate photos, no rotated images or not named folder names clarity is nearly lost and you search endlessly for your Photos.SortPix XL is the solution for your problem.

You can quickly and easily create folder structures, drag photos with your mouse, sort, rotate, or search for duplicate photos. Bring back order and clarity to your hard disk fast and easy. Additionally SortPix XL offers several Presentation options for your photos, such as a handy picture viewer or fancy slideshow with music. Sort your Photos or remove duplicate Photos with then Photo Manager Software.

SortPix XL functions - Sort Photos
* Sort photos with easy mouse dragging
* Easy creation of folder structures with Photo Manager
* Fast folder Management with source and target window
* Smart Delete function for duplicate photos (duplicate check) - remove duplicate Photos
* Display of EXIF data such as camera type, date, shutter speed, aperture, etc.
* Multi-Rename tool for file names
* Easy searching of photos thru filter criteria (file name, date before / after, etc.)
* Rotate, copy, move, rename, delete or edit your Photos
* Create new folders by date's
* Several possibilities for presenting photos through integrated image viewer
* Picture slideshow with music
* Complete keyboard access for faster work

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