Sothink Tree Menu v2.2.70427

Posted By: woomera
Sothink Tree Menu v2.2.70427

Sothink Tree Menu v2.2.70427 | 3.9MB

Sothink Tree Menu creates html tree menus to navigate your website with ease Sothink Tree Menu is an application that lets you view and browse every link page on the web site clearly. Programming skills are not necessary, and creating JavaScript tree menu becomes an interesting tour. The browser compatibility is never a puzzle; the tree menu also can be expanded or collapsed from the start.

¡¤ Full cross browser compatibility £¨Immediate coverage of browser updates£©
¡¤ £¨ IE 7 and FireFox 2 included!£©
¡¤ Free Dreamweaver, FrontPage, Expression Web and Adobe GoLive integrated plug-ins
¡¤ The same intuitive user interface as Sothink DHTML Menu
¡¤ Database driven JavaScript tree menus with server-side code, like ASP, PHP or ASP.NET.
¡¤ Generate search engine friendly drop down menu trees
¡¤ Free Google XML Sitemap and general sitemap generators based on your menu structure
¡¤ Site Navigation Structure Generator generates tree menu based on web structure and link relationship
¡¤ Records what nodes were expanded/collapsed
¡¤ Set default expanded/collapsed sub-trees
¡¤ Easily expand/collapse sub-tree by clicking button, text or icon
¡¤ Provides JavaScript API to control expanding/collapsing sub trees externally
¡¤ Great performance with large tree menu
¡¤ Design stylish tree menus from our built-in ready-made templates
¡¤ Exclusive Publish Wizard helps to add your tree menu to web pages in a fast and easy way
¡¤ Web Path for resources files and Link Prefix enable you to fast switch your project locally and on the web for testing purposes
¡¤ The current page in use can be auto-highlighted in your tree menu
¡¤ Non-English languages are supported, even Right-to-Left languages, such as Arabic
¡¤ Fully customizable properties, like font, icon, button, background, line, border, cursor, tool tip, and etc,.
¡¤ Select images for icon, button, background and line from our rich Image Library
¡¤ Copy and Paste functions can quickly duplicate tree menu items
¡¤ Supports wrapping text in one node
¡¤ Supports setting multiple tree nodes¡¯ properties at one time
¡¤ Multiple tree menus on the same page; multiple pages use the same JavaScript menu trees
¡¤ Supports any doctypes
¡¤ Any HTML code can be used within nodes
¡¤ Live preview in real time
¡¤ Section 508 compliant