SpaceTime v3.0.1 for iPhone

Posted By: agam3rs
SpaceTime v3.0.1 for iPhone

SpaceTime v3.0.1 | Software | iPhone | 0.8MB

SpaceTime 3.0 is the most powerful mathematics program and graphing calculator for the iPhone and iPod Touch.

Graph 2D function, parametric, polar, vector field, implicit and contour plots with our powerful 2D graphing calculator. Move, pinch and trace 2D graphs in real-time!

Graph 3D function, parametric, spherical, and cylindrical plots with our powerful 3D graphing calculator. Rotate, pinch and move 3D graphs in real-time!

With real-time 2D and 3D graphing, SpaceTime has made time graphing possible on the iPhone. The variable T allows you to plot graphs in the time dimension creating animated graphs!

Create interactive controls using our Scroll function that lets you dynamically change the value of a variable using scroll bars in calculations and plots!

Create your own scripts using numerical and symbolic calculations and use them just like built-in functions! SpaceTime introduces the first programming language for iPhone that supports loops and recursion.

With features only available in Mathematica and MATLAB, SpaceTime is a revolution in mobile scientific computing.