Steinberg Virtual Guitarist VSTi v1.0 (Repost)

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Steinberg Virtual Guitarist VSTi v1.0 (Repost)

Steinberg Virtual Guitarist VSTi v1.0 (Repost) | 1.46 GB

It’s always the same problem: Try calling a professional guitarist in the middle of the night when you need a slick 12 string accompaniment for a ballad or a hard metal groove for an advert soundtrack. Introducing Virtual Guitarist – a perfect rhythm guitarist who plays both acoustic and electric guitar, including all keys and difficult chords, who never gets impatient, sounds better, always plays 100 % tight, is always completely in tune and who doesn’t need to set up his equipment or be miked up, and integrates perfectly into your VST system.

Virtual Guitarist isn’t a MIDI drone, it’s based on guitar tracks recorded by professional guitarists. That’s why you can’t tell a Virtual Guitarist track from a real guitar part played live. And you can edit all guitar tracks whenever you like, such as changing the guitar sound, changing the key, rearranging phrasing – it’s all possible.

Virtual Guitarist gives you dozens of guitarists specialized in acoustic or electric guitar. Each one can play their part perfectly, regardless of whether its finger-picking on a classy 12-string, strumming folk on a steel string guitar, funky off-beats, dynamic wah parts, crystalclear LA licks on classic electric guitars and hard metal riffs.

Just choose acoustic or electric. Select a player and you’re ready – even if you’ve never played guitar before. You can press single keys, whole chords or use a MIDI track.

Feature Highlights
  • Two VST instruments – acoustic and electric, with stylistically authentic and intuitive user interface
  • 20 different players with a variety of guitars, sounds and phrasing styles
  • 8 parts (variations) per player – flexible and variable in real-time
  • All popular guitar sounds and styles from Spanish to steel string to resonator or clean Strat to Wah guitar, heavy power chords and ultra metal – in high Wizoo quality
  • Variable playing characteristics – shuffle (groove), dynamics, timing (tight, loose), syncopated rhythms, long chords
  • Effects – Stereo width, track doubling, low cut / enhancer (acoustic), pickup selector / presence (electric)
  • Intelligent fret noise for complete authenticity
  • Flexible real-time variation – sound, phrasing – with keyboard, mod-wheel, aftertouch, velocity
  • Economical with system resources
  • For Cubase, Nuendo and all VST-compatible host applications
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