Stepok Turbo Photo v6.5

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Stepok Turbo Photo v6.5

Stepok Turbo Photo v6.5 | 7.14 MB

Turbo Photo is a very easy to use yet powerful image editing/processing software that is designed for digital camera owners. It offers professional image enhancement options without requiring you to have any technical knowledge of digital imaging. Turbo Photo consist of two parts: Turbo Photo Album and Turbo Photo Editor. Turbo Photo Album is the photo management and batch edit software of Turbo Photo. With Turbo Photo Album, you can easily manage, view, print and share your photos.

Top Features and Samples
Limited by the page space, the features are highly summarized as follows:

* Problem oriented wizard and automatical processing, get extraordinary photos step by step.
* Full control of exposure and color with tools from basic to professional.
Recommend: 'Professioanl historgram', 'HSB curve','Tone maker' and 'Photography conception adjustment'.
* Support adding frame, text, logo, signatures with templates or manually.
* Remove or reduce noise, fog, dark corner, purple fringing, red eyes, spots…
* Optimize portrait by special digital beauty function with both wizard version and professional version.
* Supply plenty of special effects and support external plugins.
* Free transform include correcting barrel distortion and perspective distortion, changing shape.
* Powerful print and typeset functions.
* Batch processing, support resizing, renaming, converting, processing…
* Screen capture and camera capture.

Stepok Turbo Photo v6.5