SugarFx Viewfinder HUD 2.0.1

SugarFx Viewfinder HUD 2.0.1

SugarFx Viewfinder HUD 2.0.1 | Mac Os X | 19 MB

Captivate your audience and make them watch your project with interest and enthusiasm. Forget about those boring still images or masks that just sit there and do nothing to enhance your content. If targetting your audience is part of your job description, then get ready to add a special ingredient to your editing magic. Enter SUGARfx Viewfinder HUD !

More than what you may expect.
SUGARfx Viewfinder HUD [Heads Up Display] FxPack comes in a nice package of three different filters to add some interesting eye candy to your graphics.
Use the Binoculars plug-in to simulate interesting and unusual binocular viewfinders.
UseTarget the filter that was made to promote the focus of your message to the next level.
Or the Viewfinder OSD [On Screen Display] filter to simulate a familiar video or still camera viewfinder right on your canvas.
All these effects achieved with the sweet touch of SUGARfx filters, with expandable capabilities that go far beyond the usual still image overlay.
Each of these filters come loaded with options and combinations to help you make your own heads up display or Viewfinder look as complex, or as simple as possible with plenty of customizing options.

Expanding your toolbox.
If you recently added Final Cut Pro X or Adobe Premiere Pro to your editing toolbox, you are in luck because this FREE upgrade brings you more than 50 additional template-based filters to enhance your project in Final Cut Pro X, and all the corresponding presets in the host application of your choice, easy to use and easy to customize.

Mac OS X 10.7
FxFactory 4
Mac with Intel processor