Super Win Design Your Keys 1.01.05 Retail

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Super Win Design Your Keys 1.01.05 Retail

Super Win Design Your Keys 1.01.05 Retail | 1.1 MB

Do you know those keys on the top of your keyboard, the F keys, the ones that don't do anything? With Design Your Keys you can design those keys to do useful things, things like start your email program, play Freecell, and hundreds of other beneficial things.

Redesign Your Computer Keyboard

Make the Function Keys Useful
Assign actions to the F keys and to 9 other keys.

Easier than a Shortcut
Run anything that a desktop or start menu shortcut runs with the press of a key.

Faster than a Link
Go to any website with the press of a key.

Start Often-Used Programs
Assign a key for each of the programs you use frequently and then start them quickly and easily with one press of the key.

Shutdown with One Key
Shut down your computer any one of six ways (Sleep, Hibernate, Log Off, Reboot, Shut down, and Shut down Hung Computer) with the press of a key. In the included Themes, the Home key hibernates the computer and the End key shuts it down.

Play a Game
Start your favorite game with the press of a key.

Store and Paste Text Snippets
Create a library of standard text responses that you use to answer inquiries from prospects and clients. Rather than typing the same information each time you're asked a question, you can press a single key and paste the response into your emails. Text snippets can be a few words, or many pages.

Unlimited Possibilities
We show you how to set up your keys to do just about anything you want them to do.

Design Your Keys comes with four preset themes to get you set up and running quickly. Easily make your own themes. Share your themes with us and we will post them here.

OS : Windows XP, Vista, 7 and 8.
Language : English

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