SILKYPIX Developer Studio Pro 11 for FUJIFILM

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SILKYPIX Developer Studio Pro 11 for FUJIFILM

SILKYPIX Developer Studio Pro 11 for FUJIFILM | macOS | 391 mb

SILKYPIX Developer Studio Pro10 for FUJIFILM is for a FUJIFILM camera limited special version. The RAW development software "SILKYPIX Developer Studio Pro11 for FUJIFILM" has many functions such as the Compositing function, the Partial correction, and the Dehaze installed in the "SILKYPIX Developer Studio Pro 11." These various functions are strongly supports the creation of your work.

Make the specified area bright and vivid
The partial correction tool changes the brightness and saturation partially in the specified area. It is also equipped with a "brush", so free range specification is possible.

Blur the surroundings and highlight the subject
You are now able to blur the periphery of the specified range and apply sharpness.

Exposure compensation can be done freely
It possible to individually adjust the brightness of light and dark areas in the image.

Clear the Haze
Add the "Dehaze" slider to the adjustment item for the mist removement of hazy images caused by atmospheric moisture or vapor.

Ideal finish with simple tasks
- "Automatic adjustment button" that can be adjusted with one click.
- Equipped with adjustable HDR function with 1 photo.
- Fine color controller which can be used to adjust each specific color.
- Easy remove unwanted objects using the Spotting Tool, such as dust that may appear.
- Images to be adjusted can be searched from "shooting information" such as shooting date.

Compatibility: macOS 10.10 or later
Homepage: https://silkypix.isl.co.jp/en/product