Word Counter 1.6.5

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Word Counter 1.6.5

Word Counter 1.6.5 | macOS | 21 mb

The Word Counter is all about giving you insights in your productivity as a writer. What gets measured gets accomplished. By giving specific feedback about the quantity of your writing, we believe that the most important aspects of your writing can be improved. Currently the app is tracking daily words and their distribution across applications. It keeps a complete record of your daily achievements for you to look at in the history.

More specific metrics are on the way, and we plan to finish a lot of the following:

Ratio of distracted writing vs. focussed writing
Real content creation vs. tasks merely related to writing
Unveil the most productive writing times of day
Adherence to the Eisenhower Matrix in numbers and ratios

Compatibility: macOS 10.12 or later
Homepage: https://wordcounterapp.com