Tizma CSV Easy v1.1.3

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Tizma CSV Easy v1.1.3

Tizma CSV Easy v1.1.3 | 2.72 MB

CSV's - The essential transport mechanism of data. Its simplicity has always made it the leading format, but equally its worst nightmare. Notoriously difficult to manipulate in its raw form, and painful to identify and fix issues. Don't waste hours manually working through those troublesome CSV files, let CSV Easy do it for you at a fraction of the cost.

Load and Check
The defining feature, scanning your CSV or Fixed Width file and checking every aspect of it. Breaking down the columns, identifying issues and authenticating integrity. Many common and classic errors are automatically resolved in the process and only the most critical force a users intervention.

Using the one-click analysis function a whole wealth of information is gleemed from your data. Identify data types, unique columns, volumes, distributions, distinct values and much more.

CSV Easy doesn't just stop at loading and checking your data. From simple editing of data to structural alterations, sorting, deduplication and standardisation, CSV Easy makes all of this and more easy and intuitive.

CSV Easy comes with a powerful export facility to extract your fixed and enhanced data back into a CSV, Fixed Width or XML file, ready for use within your intended systems.

Friendly, Dependable and Scalable
Designed to be simple and powerful - CSV Easy delivers strong, robust technology without compromising on the users experience. Worried about large files and how to cope, CSV Easy effortlessly works with incredibly large files into the multi-millions of rows.

Whats New:
* added 'Regular Expressions' to filters
* added 'Sum' column to 'Data Analysis' to show total value on numeric columns
* added 'Text Mining' action
* added 'Row limit' to settings for re-use
* added 'Skip rows' to settings for re-use
* added sorting on the warning column
* added 'Line break' option to Open file
* added 'Revert History' to edit menu
* changed 'Warnings' to be persisted between actions
* changed 'Regular Expressions' to be tested for validity before usage
* fixed 'Save As' not using the open files path as the default destination
* fixed 'Regular Expressions' on find being incorrectly forced to upper case
* fixed CSV Easy not appearing in Alt-Tab when dialogs are open
* fixed exception occurring when file loaded with errors

System Requirements
* .NET 2.0
* MS Windows
o 2000
o XP
o Vista
o Server 2003
o Server 2008
* 32/64bit

Tizma CSV Easy v1.1.3