Tone2 Complete Bundle v2013

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Tone2 Complete Bundle v2013

Tone2 Complete Bundle v2013 | 375 MB

Tone2 ® are renowned for producing true high-end quality audio software. This bundle inclused: Tone2 AkustiX Enhancer v1.1, Tone2 Bifilter v2.3, Tone2 ElectraX v1.4, Tone2 Filterbank v3.3, Tone2 Firebird Plus v1.11.2, Tone2 Gladiator v2.4, Tone2 RayBlaster v1.0.1, Tone2 Saurus v1.1, Tone2 Warmverb v1.2.

Our synthesizers and effects are cutting edge because of…
  • Pristine audio quality.
  • Unique sound based upon innovative concepts.
  • A vast range of inspiring, professional and production-ready presets.
  • Intuitive user interfaces.
  • Fair price
  • Personal and free support
Tone2 AkustiX v1.1 is a collection of six essential enhancement tools combined into one intuitive user interface.

Tone2 is proud to present BiFilter2 v2.3, a high-end quality stereo filter module.

The award winning ElectraX v1.4 is one of the most powerful synthesizers ever.

FilterBank3 v3.3 is more than a analog modeled filter plugin - it is a complete VST synthesizer and a flexible multi-effect unit.

Firebird+ v1.11.2 is not just another synthesizer. It provides a powerful, unique, and innovative synthesis architecture for next-generation sounds never heard before.

The award winning Gladiator v2.4 is one of the most powerful synthesizers ever.

Rayblaster v1.0.1 employs a new synthesis technique called Impulse Modelling Synthesis (IMS).

Saurus v1.1 takes the high regarded analog sound from the past into the unlimited digital realm.

Warmverb v1.2 is a multi-effect unit which gives you the flexibility to create unique sounding custom effects with a mouse click.

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