Transvalor Forge 2011

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Transvalor Forge 2011

Transvalor Forge 2011 | 2.1 Gb

The software package FORGE is a reference simulation tool for 2D & 3D bulk metal forming processes (for forging and cold forming processes).

FORGE, based on the finite element method, is used to simulate hot, warm and cold forging of both 3D parts and 2D geometry parts (such as long products where a cross section is studied or such as products with a revolution axis when a radial section is studied).
The software uses thermo-viscoplastic laws for hot forging. For warm and cold forging, a thermo-elasto-plastic model enables the prediction of residual stresses and geometrical dimensions at the end of the forming.
The stability of the automatic meshing and remeshing procedures enable the simulation of geometrically complex parts in both 2D and 3D.
The parallel / Cluster version of FORGE in 3D decreases the computation time and thus enables the use of meshes consisting of many nodes.

- FORGE 2D version is a software package developed through a joint research program, involving major companies such as SNECMA (France), and the Ecole des Mines de Paris, a leading french university. SNECMA has been successfully using the package since 1989.

- FORGE 3D version has also been developed through a joint research program, involving companies such as PEUGEOT S.A. (France), FORGES DE COURCELLES (France), PECHINEY (France), SAFE ASCOMETAL (France), TEKSID (Italy), and the Ecole des Mines de Paris.

- Notable improvement in computation accuracy
- Faster 2D solver
- Stable parallel computation up to 32 cores on Windows and Linux
- Customizable automatic computation report
- Larger processes / press database
- 64bit pre‐ and post‐processor version
- Flexibility with the possibility of sequencing computations on remote machines

New features and improvements in detail:

Improved result accuracy

- Improved time stepping scheme accuracy (3D)
- Improvement in transport algorithm accuracy (3D)
- New gas pocket computation algorithm during entrapment (3D)
- New press energy control algorithm (2D)

Large mesh processing capacity

- 64bit pre‐processor version

Improved file storage and management

- Deleted files placed in the trash can (no more definitive deletion)
- Projects cleaned in the event of deleted simulations
- Optimised storage for cogging simulations

About Transvalor

TRANSVALOR S.A. is a subsidiary of ARMINES, based in Sophia Antipolis, in the South of France. The company was created in 1984 in order to transfer and to enhance the research results of the Ecoles des Mines centres into industry.

The software package, FORGE, is the result of research from the CEMEF (a material Processing Research Center) which is a joint research center of the Ecole des Mines de Paris and ARMINES.

The software quality, support efficiency and sales worldwide presence have enabled TRANSVALOR to become one of the leaders in the market.

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Name: Transvalor Forge
Version: 2011 Build 0
Interface: multilanguage
OS: Windows 32bit or 64bit / Linux 64bit only
Size: 2.1 Gb

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