TweakVista v1.1.0 - (Final)

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TweakVista v1.1.0 - (Final)

TweakVista v1.1.0 - (Final) | 3.98mb

The ultimate utility for tweaking and getting the most out of Windows Vista performance is here! TweakVista allows users to modify many hard to access or hidden system settings to increase the performance of Windows Vista. The program was designed for both casual and power users to easily, and safely use it without fear of causing damage as the changes are easily reversible. For the "greener" users, TweakVista includes a new Carbon Footprint feature which shows both the carbon footprint and estimated running costs of your PC. TweakVista also uses the powerful Vista assessment features to give users a thorough benchmark of their systems. TweakVista is available stand-alone, or as a part of the Object Desktop suite.

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