Uconomix SnapLogger 1.3

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Uconomix SnapLogger 1.3

Uconomix SnapLogger 1.3 | 2.0 MB

SnapLogger keeps a visual track of your time so that you will never have to wonder how and where you spent your day. Record your screen activities and play them back like a movie to see what you did the whole day. Useful if you have to fill up a timesheet or want to bill a client for number of hours spent on his project.

SnapLogger Features:

Start recording manually
Start recording automatically at computer startup
Stop recording manually
Stop recording automatically after specified time interval
Stop recording automatically at specific time of the day
Save captured images at specific location
Specify interval for taking screenshots
Capture entire screen or only the active window
Don't take screenshots when computer has is idle for specified amount of time
Protect screenshots with a password
Specify what to record and what not to record with filters
Automatically clean up old data after specified number of days

Play back
View SnapLog like a movie(slide show)
Set custom delay for the slide show
Browse through images with previous/next buttons
View SnapLog of previous/next day or of a specific date
View SnapLog of a specified time range
View capture date/time, active window name and active window text of each screenshot
Copy screenshot to clipboard
Delete screenshot from the log
Export SnapLog as a video clip

View report of time spent on individual application during a specified date/time period
View report of number of hours your computer was active
Print reports

Uconomix SnapLogger 1.3

OS : Windows XP, Vista, 7
Language : English

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