Understanding English Educational 10 CDs

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Understanding English Educational 10 CDs

Understanding English Educational CD (10 CDs) | ISO 3GB

What is Understanding English made for? It is for improve your understanding of English people's speech. If you would like to understand english speeches better, this learning material is made for you! User interface is available on six languages (can be set at File menu / Options). Presentation for using the program is also available on these languages. Presentations are available on each CDs, and can be started from the CD's Start Menu entry, or can be started manually from the CD's by executing the lesson1.exe and lesson2.exe in the ENG or FRA or ESP or ITA or POR or HUN root-directory of the CD. Also note that links with name: UnderstandingEnglish6_10 mean that these are links for CDs 6 to 10. The order of links is a bit messy, but you can easily figure out what you have to download.

Part 1 :

Part 2: