Voila 2.0

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Voila 2.0

Voila 2.0
Mac App | 11mb | RS,UPL

Voila is a complete Screen Capturing solution for your Mac.

Capturing screenshots is a routine task of every Mac user for various reasons - maybe to add it to a blog, a presentation or simply to keep it for reference. Most of the times you would want to capture only a portion of the screen or any shape of the screen/ image and annotate them - Not all the tools would do it correct?

But one tool does it hands down, and that is Voila!

Capture any shape, capture multiple screenshots simultaneously
Capture Menu, desktop or drag an image to Voila for annotating
Add annotations like arrow, text, lines, shapes, brush, paint, callouts, stamps
Add cool effects such as filters, edges, skew and many more
Upload to iPhoto, Flickr, FTP, share via Mail or Print

Version 2.0:

Capture webpage, scrolling regions and multiple DOM elements
Capture from Safari
Capture from iSight and external webcams
Organize images in smart collections and custom collections
Guidelines for positioning annotations
Blur tool
New User Interface
Include file metadata
Option to hide Voila after capture
Modify properties of multiple annotations
Cross hairlines for selection captures
Flip annotations vertical or horizontal
Quick Look support for Voila documents
Upload to Flickr photo stream
New items in Spray and Stamps
Simplified menu capture
Support for multiple image as annotations
Simplified Hot Key workflow

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