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VovSoft Bulk Domain Appraisal 2.3 + Portable

Posted By: melt_
VovSoft Bulk Domain Appraisal 2.3 + Portable

VovSoft Bulk Domain Appraisal 2.3 + Portable | 6.7/2.5 Mb

Whether you're planning on buying or selling a domain name, or you just want to know how much one you own is worth, you'll be looking to perform a process called domain valuation. This can also be referred to as domain name appraisal. This is a method for estimating the price of a specific domain name. If you are a domain investor or just starting to build a domain portfolio, chances are you need to use a batch valuation tool.

Mass domain value lookup
You can perform multiple domain appraisals for large domain lists by using Vovsoft Bulk Domain Appraisal tool. Import your bulk domain list and appraise all your domains. You can easily calculate domain name values with this tool and get an accurate report of how much your domain names are worth. Importing domain name list is allowed using clipboard or TXT files. Results can be exported into TXT or CSV files.

GoDaddy appraisal tool
GoDaddy, the leader in the industry, provides a free domain name valuation API. Vovsoft Bulk Domain Appraisal utilizes GoDaddy appraisal tool by default. You can view or edit the API URL (optional login using key and secret) in the Settings menu. You can also use the "Display API Response" menu item by right-clicking any domain name in order to see raw API response.

Operating System: Windows 11/10/8.1/8/7/Vista/XP (32-bit and 64-bit)

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