Microsoft Windows XP SP3 Corporate Student Edition November 2011 (x86)

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Microsoft Windows XP SP3 Corporate Student Edition November 2011 (x86)

Microsoft Windows XP SP3 Corporate Student Edition November 2011 (x86) | 685 MB

Windows XP SP3 Corporate Student Edition - the so-called "student" version of Windows XP, it is used for educational purposes only and therefore it is designed for multiple installations without further contact with black-list Windows Genuine Advantage. This version of Windows XP SP3 does not require activation and is the official validation of Microsoft. This assembly is not really rubbish left by courtesy of the developer with the addition of commonly used applications.

• You do not need to use cracks and stuff, install and use as if you have a licensed copy.
• Patched TCP IP, uxtheme (can use unsigned themes).
• Added driver Driverpacks base 10.06
• Driverpacks base 10.06, MassStorage 11.09 txt mode (sata + raid)

Added to the install disk:
Framework all in one 2.0 - 4.0
Internet explorer 8
Windows media player 11
Directx 9 Runtimes 9.29.1974 April 2011
Directx Managed Code 1.1.0
c++ runtimes 2005 & 2008 & 2010

Removed from the install disk:
Music Samples
Windows Messenger 4.7

Removed folders:

THE UPDATES (hotfixes)
SFC (windows File Protection) Disabled
Numlock off default
Classic control panel Enabled
updated windows hotfixes till November 9th 2011

How To Use:
- Burn the iso image using the software you like at a slow speed say about x4 or x8 as this CD is bootable.
- Install as you would an original CD from system bootup.
- leave the disk in the drive and reboot pc.
- boot from cd rom drive first before harddrive.

If you have xp installed already you are advised to backup your drivers first before install. example using driver genius. as only "MassStorage 11.09 txt mode (sata + raid)" and "basic xp drivers" are on this cd-r disk.

Title: Microsoft® Windows XP SP3
Software version: Corporate Student Edition November 2011
Year: 2011
Platform: x86 (32-bit)
Developer: Microsoft ®
Language: English

Note please do a clean install from system bootup with this windows disk. this is not a upgrade disk.

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