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Webyog SQLyog 6.1 Enterprise Edition

Posted By: ranjan206
Webyog SQLyog 6.1 Enterprise Edition

Webyog SQLyog 6.1 Enterprise Edition | 10MB

Webyog SQLyog 6 with HTTP/ HTTPS/ SSH Tunneling is a easy to use, compact and very fast graphical tool to manage your MySQL database anywhere in the world. SQLyog was developed keep in mind the necessities of all who use MySQL as their preferred RDBMS. Whether you enjoy the control of handwritten SQL or prefer to work in a visual environment, SQLyog makes it easy for you get started and provides you with tools to enhance your MySQL experience.

Enhanced Connectivity Options:
- HTTP/HTTPs Tunneling
- SSH Tunneling

Migration Tools:
- Wizard Driven Migration Toolkit
- Import task can be scheduled for transferring data at regular intervals

Synchronization Tools:
- Structure Synchronization
- Checksum based Network Efficient Data Synchronization
- Data Synchronization can be scheduled

Other Power Tools:
- Scheduled Backups
- Notification Services
- Job Manager

Developer / User Productivity:
- HTML Schema Documentation
- Shortcuts to quickly generate SQL statements and paste object names
- Learn MySQL by looking at the SQL generated by SQLyog
- Multi-tab Query Editor and Result-set Editor
- Multiple Query Execution
- Multi-threaded Query execution with option to stop long running queries
- SQL Templates
Excel-style grid interface to view/update resultsets
- Multi-format Blob editor
- View data in Grid/Text Mode
- ResultSet/Data Export to CSV/XML/HTML
- Full Support from 3.23.38 to the latest 5.x
- Support for all MySQL table handlers
- Excel friendly resultsets/table-data export to clipboard/file
- Dialogless table and resultset editor

DBA Productivity:
- Restoring / Importing large SQL dumps
- MySQL 5.x objects support
- User Management
- Managing hosted MySQL
- Connection Manager
- Index Management
- Relationship/Foreign Key Manager
- Reorder Columns
- Copy objects to another Host with single click
- Table diagnostics
- Flush Tools
- Object Browser
- Creating/dropping database
- Optimized for managing Hosted MySQL
- Profiling
- Multiple database connections

- Turbo Speed MySQL Management. Uses native MySQL C API - the fastest way to communicate with MySQL server
- 100% keyboard friendly
- Small compact binary
- Minimal use of Registry - easy migration of User Preferences by dragging and dropping config files.
- Non-cluttered look and feel, ability to show/hide panes

Features of SQLyog version 6.0:
* SQLyog is now fully UNICODE-compliant.
* Advanced GUI Query Builder.
* Filtering of data from the context menu of a cell in the GRID of DATA tab.
* Sorting on multiple columns in DATA tab

Changes in SQLyog 6.1:
* The Schema designer (Introduced in SQLyog version 6.1) is visual interface where tables and table structures can be defined, displayed and manipulated. The Schema designer provides a convenient graphical way to perform common operations as an alternative to the menu-based way of operation that was always supported. Also the Schema designer provides a graphical overview of (complete or only parts of) your databases.
* Visual Schema Designer
* Common error dialogue: when a GUI operation returns an error the error message is 'wrapped' in a dialogue explaining the meaning and origin of the error message (note that this is not implemented when manually executing queries from the editor).
* Added an option to specify DEFAULT charset/collation for databases and tables different from 'upper-level' default (server/database)
* Cleaned up CREATE/ALTER TABLE .. advanced dialogue (removed largely depreciated 'RAID' and 'PASSWORD' options)
* In CREATE/ALTER TABLE we now perform client-side validation for the most common user errors (such as failure to specify the lengh of a data type where it is required)
* Functionalities of F5 and F9 can be switched.
* Structure Sync supports column level charset/collations.
* Pagewise display in table data with <prev> and <next> keys.
* Fixed a crash that could occur in Migration Tool when opening a saved jobfile.
* Fixed a bug with SPs and structure sync. After executing the sync script from the editor it still could occur that the sync tool reported differences.
* Importing a dump could add redundant spaces in the definition of SPs, triggers etc.
* When reading stored export formatting settings (for 'escaped by', 'enclosed by' etc.) from sqlyog.ini those values would display wrong due to an encoding issue.
* Fixed a crash with the FIND dialogue
* Connection Manager could mismatch details from different connections if a connection was deleted. Also the 'last opened connection' was not always saved correctly.
* With a large ('wide') table specific repeated operations with the SCROLL BARs, SCROLL BUTTONs and arrow keys could cause a crash in the DATA tab.
* If user's 'AppData' path used special characters (due to a localised 'AppData' folder or a user name with special characters) program was not able to access sqlyog.ini for read and write operations.
* Solved (hopefully) the problem reported by a fraction of users that the sqlyog.ini file was not copied when upgrading from 6.05 and earlier versions.
* 'change tabletype' was disabled when connected to the most recent MySQL 5.1 releases (due to a recent change in the Information_Schema content with those MySQL versions).
* Fixed an issue with DATA SYNC when the Primary Key was based on a BIGINT and value for this PK field was greater than 2147483647.
* LIMIT setting in configuration was not honoured.
* Schema Designer failed to create Foreign Keys with a HTTP connection.
* Small fixes and improvements with the Schema Designer GUI.