Wingware WingIDE Professional v3.2.3.1 (Win/Linux/MacOSX)

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Wingware WingIDE Professional v3.2.3.1 (Win/Linux/MacOSX)

Wingware WingIDE Professional v3.2.3.1 (Win/Linux/MacOSX) | 95,7MB

Wing IDE Professional – This high-quality integrated development environment (IDE) for Python speeds development time and improves code quality with plenty of powerful code intelligence, debugging, and editor features. Wing IDE and Python for rapid development of cross-platform desktop and web applications, enterprise application integration, software testing, and application scripting. Unlike many competing technologies, Wing IDE and Python let you concentrate on building your application-specific functionality.

Install Notes:
Unzip, unrar and install. Copy python25.dll from to the installations bin directory. Run the app and select "Install and Activate", enter any license code in the following format: CNxxx-xxxxx-xxxxx-xxxxx (x = numeric character 1-9).

Then continue and choose "Activate at" and use our keygen (extract all files from into the same dir to run it) to generate an activation code (copy the request code from the app into the keygen). Note - if you have a previous version licensed, you may need to delete your previous license (.pact files). All license codes must also be uppercase.


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HotFile (For Free User)

Rapidshare (For Premium Member)

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