XBOX 360 Modification Disc 1.5

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XBOX 360 Modification Disc 1.5

XBOX 360 Modification Disc 1.5 | 1.5 Mb

360 Modification Disc v1.5 by FrostyTheSnowman (Public Release)

- Complete Modding Solution for Samsung/BenQ/Lite-On
- iXtreme v1.5 (12x) Firmware
- Supports Samsung TS-H943
- Supports BenQ VAD6038
- Supports Lite-On DG-16D2S
- Supports Previously Modded Drives
- Supports Previously Spoofed Drives
- 100% DOS Based Dumping & Flashing
- Supports FAT32 & NTFS Filesystems (WinXP/Vista 32-Bit & 64-Bit)
- Fully Automatic Dumping & Flashing
- Step-by-Step Instructions
- Backup of all drive-related files to HDD

NOTE: This disc requires a VIA VT6421 PCI SATA (or compatible) card installed, and a NTFS formatted drive/partition as the 'C:' drive for this disc to work properly.
NOTE 2: This disc *might* work with other types of SATA chipsets/cards, but it is recommended that you use a VIA VT6421 SATA card.
NOTE 3: USB serial adapters are NOT compatible with this disc!