CodeCharge 3.0.16 Plus

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Web Reporting

Creating Web reports has just become a whole lot easier for PHP, .NET, ASP, Java, ColdFusion and Perl developers.

With CodeCharge Studio 3.0 you can visually create professional Web reports in minutes.
PHP Web Reporting
Web Calendar Builder, CSS Style Builder, Internationalization are just some of the other new features in CodeCharge Studio 3.0.
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Integrated Development Environment (IDE)
Integrated editors:

* Visual page designer: to design pages graphically.
* HTML editor: to edit your HTML & JavaScript with color syntax coding.
* Code editor: with auto-indent and color syntax coding.
* Page preview: for local viewing of templates.
* Live data viewer: for instantaneous viewing of pages with live data locally or on your server.

Project navigation:

* Project Explorer: provides a comprehensive view of all project pages, code, included files and media assets.
* Code Explorer: lists each object on the page and provides instant access to related code.

Precision controls:
Property inspector provides precise control over the properties of every page and page element:

* Format: to set format and styles.
* Data: to control data sources and security.
* Events: to program events and insert custom actions.

Drag-and-drop objects:
Drag-and-drop objects allow you to visually create pages in the Designer that include:

* HTML Elements: for all HTML tags and objects.
* Controls: to add data-aware labels, links and navigation.
* Components: to add sophisticated data-driven groups of integrated controls such as grids.

Integration with HTML editors:
CodeCharge Studio includes special integration features to work seamlessly with your favorite HTML editors.

* Microsoft® FrontPage® Add-In: The first product to extend FrontPage® functionality into a full-featured, integrated development environment, CodeCharge Studio allows developers to generate professional quality code in all popular server-side programming languages and offers a professional code editor to extend and fine-tune generated code.
* Macromedia® Dreamweaver®, Adobe® GoLive® and other HTML editors-Use virtually any program as your HTML editor in CodeCharge Studio. Set that program as your primary HTML editor CodeCharge will seamless use the program for HTML editing.

Language, Server and Database Support

* Languages: Supports ASP.NET 1.0, 1.1 and 2.0 (C# and VB.NET), ASP/VBScript, JSP, Java Servlets, ColdFusion 4.0 and MX, PHP 4, PHP 5 and Perl 5.0.
* Application servers: Supports industry-standard servers including Apache, Microsoft IIS, Macromedia ColdFusion, IBM WebSphere, BEA WebLogic, and Netscape Enterprise Server.
* Site publisher: publishes the project to the sever with a single click.
* Databases: Data Source wizard-speeds connectivity to virtually any database including: Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle, DB2, MySQL, and Microsoft Access. Supports access to multiple databases simultaneously. Visual query builder creates SQL queries without coding.

Productivity Features

Powerful wizards CodeCharge Studio's sophisticated component and application wizards automate the most common application interactions with a simple point-and-click interface:

* Application Wizard: creates a multi-page application supporting user queries and administrator updates based on your database structure.
* Component Wizards: generate sophisticated search, grid, login/logout, and record update components and pages automatically.
* Code generation: CodeCharge Studio generates your code on the fly using the CodeCharge code generation engine. The code is architected according to industry-wide best practices, easily extensible, and highly reliable. The engine automatically separates HTML pages from code logic, improving workflow and isolating changes to design, programming and deployment. Sites are faster to develop and easier to maintain because designers and programmers can focus on their respective responsibilities without affecting each other.
* Security management: CodeCharge Studio's integrated security management simplifies multi-level security.
* You define the privileges: Full, Read, Insert, Update or Delete-for each security group or user, and CodeCharge automatically includes the appropriate authentication code to link username and passwords to security level and privileges.
* Jumpstart solutions: CodeCharge Studio includes several pre-built and functional applications so you can see real CodeCharge-generated solutions in action. Copy and paste the code into your application or study how the experts did it.
* Customizable Styles: CodeCharge Studio includes many customizable styles using CSS or HTML tags so you can generate professionally designed Websites or support any corporate presentation standard.

WARNING!: Do not Install When you're connected at Internet.