A1Monitor v7.0.1

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A1Monitor v7.0.1

A1Monitor v7.0.1

A1Monitor v7.0.1 | Win32 | Size: 4.77 MB

In today's world, you need to know if your systems are operational. Server downtime is a major problem, and a leading cost of today's complex IT environments. No one can afford to leave their network availability to chance.

A1Monitor makes sure all of your web and tcp/ip servers are up and running. If not, you can be alerted by email, commands can be run, or you can have A1Monitor reboot your server.

A1Monitor is inexpensive. Many other similar software packages charge thousands of dollars for what ends up to be highly complicated software that's hard to use. In-house custom systems can cost tens of thousands. We have taken special care to make sure A1Monitor is both flexible, easy to use, and powerful. For less than what a typical server outage may cost your company, you could have A1Monitor give you peace of mind.

Key Features:

A1Monitor Publishes HTML response time, up and down reports which you can have written directly to your web server. See a live report!
Monitor multiple URLs (http or https)
Send URL parms to web server side scripts (i.e. "")
Monitor any TCP port (ftp, pop3, smtp, telnet etc.)
Send client / server request responses to logon and send commands to any TCP/IP server.
Ping any IP address
Notify you by email if any of your monitored servers or URLs can't be reached (or returns an unexpected response) a number of times in a row.
Reboot your server and/or run a batch file or executable when server failures occur.
Very reasonable price (hundreds less than competition).


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