absoluteBUSY Rel.4.3c

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absoluteBUSY Rel.4.3c

absoluteBUSY Rel.4.3c | (C)ustomer (R)elationship (M)anagement script | PHP-MySQL | 0.37 mb

Screenshot: Company and customer list in the absoluteBUSY online CRM Software. Runs on your server with Apache/IIS, PHP, MySQL.

absoluteBUSY web CRM software enables teams and departments to share a central - always up to date - customer database, an online contact manager and a project tracking tool, either over the web or within a corporate intranet. View and update contacts, customer histories, hot leads, projects and pending tasks, from anywhere, with any web browser. The software is installed on your server or web-host, you keep full control of your data !

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absoluteBUSY is based on a highly scalable open source software stack, known as LAMP (also WAMP): Linux (or Windows) operating system, Apache webserver (IIS possible), MySQL database, PHP language. The system can be installed either at your hosting provider's webspace or on your company (intranet/internet) server. Runs on all major platforms like Unix, Linux, Windows, Mac OS X, Novell(6.5).

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