Acquasys Pocket Decider v2.1.2162.29009

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Acquasys Pocket Decider v2.1.2162.29009

Acquasys Pocket Decider ver. 2.1.2162.29009
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Pocket Decider is a complete decision software based on MCDA (Multi-Criteria Decision Analysis) model, designed for use on Pocket PC devices. Pocket Decider is very easy to use and can help in any scenario where a rational decision is needed. Pocket Decider is not a game or another "flip-the-coin" program. It is a real mobile decision tool!

Pocket Decider may be used equally well for small comparisons such as which car to buy, or for complex decision problems involving hundreds of options, criteria and opinions. For both cases, the process is very simple: build a list of the criteria and options, rate the options against the criteria and find your best choices instantly, anywhere.

* Unlimited number of options, criteria and opinions, with instant activation/deactivation
* Weight based criteria and opinions
* Weight leveling assistant for criteria
* 3 criterion types: numeric value, boolean (“yes/no”) and textual
* Definable criteria restrictions
* Criteria categories for better organization of a large number of items
* Quick Entry Form for fast criteria/options/opinions inclusion
* Dual opinion view (by option / by criterion)
* Full Random Opinion mode
* Simulation mode uses thousands of rating combinations to show you how they can affect your decision
* Preferred Options and Preference Factor features can reflect your personal and emotional preferences in the analysis result
* Password protection for decision files
* Opinions can be locked, making their ratings invisible to everyone
* Other customizable decision settings (number of choices, maximum rating and weight values, minimum score, score format etc)
* Fully customizable decision templates (many included with the product)
* Analysis result displayed as a ranking list, bar charts and report
* A customizable HTML report can be used to view and publish decision data and results
* Saves decision projects in encrypted and compressed files
* Import/export from/to CSV files (Microsoft Excel® compatible)
* Displays considerations about the analysis result and how to improve it
* Works in portrait and landscape modes (in Windows Mobile 2003 SE and above, orientation is changed "on the fly")
* Dual interface (Windows Mobile “classic” / Windows Mobile 5.0 with soft keys support)
* Automatic program updates via Activesync or wireless connection
* Free upgrades

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