ActiveState Perl Dev Kit Pro

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ActiveState Perl Dev Kit Pro

ActiveState Perl Dev Kit Pro | 28,6 MB

The Perl Dev Kit (PDK) includes everything you need for fast development of self-contained, easily-deployable applications.Turn your Perl programs into ready-to-run executables for Windows, Mac OS X, Linux, Solaris, AIX and HP-UX.
Easily reveal unused or overused code with the new coverage and hotspot analyzer. Interactively create sophisticated Perl-based filters. Windows developer? Painlessly debug Perl scripts, and easily convert useful VBScript code to Perl. Plus create .NET and ActiveX components, Windows services and system tray applications, all written in Perl.

What's New in Perl Dev Kit 8.0.1?

PerlCritic changes
PerlCritic now has a New Profile option, and several enhancements to the user interface for more fluid control over policy management.
PerlCritic fixed issues with reporting of some extended Perl::Critic modules.
PerlCritic no longer uses the local ActivePerl to run the bundled perlcritic command, eliminating the binary compatibility issues of the 8.0 release.
Windows Installer changes
The PDK 8.0 installer on Windows unconditionally required .NET 2.0 to be installed even when the PerlNET component was deselected. This has been fixed.
The PerlNET component will also now be deselected by default if the installer cannot find the .NET 2.0 Framework.
Komodo Integration
Komodo can now correctly locate a PDK 8.x installation.
The debugger is now able to locate the sources of *.al files used by AutoLoader.
Updated system requirements
The PDK officially requires ActivePerl or later. We do not intentionally break backwards compatibility with older versions, but using it with older versions is now unsupported.
PerlApp targeting Mac OS X and other Unix systems requires ActivePerl