Actual Window Manager 4.1

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Actual Window Manager 4.1

Actual Window Manager 4.1

OS: Windows | Size: 3.58 MB

Have you ever started a program and it’s window size was half the screen and no matter how many times you’d resize it and reset it to full screen, it would still stubbornly start up again and again at half the screen? Wish you could set a custom window size to always start?

Have you ever visited a website that would suddenly resize your Internet Explorer window and you’d have to take the time to resize it back to the way you had it, and it would do it again? Want to prevent that from ever happening?

Wouldn’t it be great if besides minimizing a window to the task bar, you could minimize it to the system tray? Or to have it roll up? Or even make it a little transparent so you can click what’s underneath it? Or have it always stay on the top?

Actual Window Manager takes care of all these things, plus more.

Get a Well-Trained Assistant Managing Your Windows!

Actual Window Manager is an innovative desktop organization application which introduces unconventional window controls and also automatic general window operations making your work more productive, convenient and enjoyable. It has more than 40 handy tools to help you in daily routine window manipulations.

Like a well-trained assistant, being instructed once, Actual Window Manager will do all the required actions automatically all the way you are working with it:

• Placing windows exactly to the required place
• Sizing them exactly as they should be
• Keeping the important windows on top of others
• Minimizing (either normally, or to the tray/screen, or rolling up, or making semi-transparent, or
closing the inactive windows, so removing them from your way
• And many others

As more windows you are able to work with simultaneously - as more efficient your work will be, and Actual Window Manager is an invaluable helper on this way!

Try it - and you will never imagine your work without it!

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