Adobe After Effects ver. 7.0

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Adobe After Effects ver. 7.0

The industry standard for motion graphics and visual effects
Animate your ideas. Adobe After Effects 7.0 software helps you create compelling motion graphics and blockbuster visual effects with efficiency, precision, and infinite variety. Take advantage of unmatched integration with other Adobe software, flexible 2D and 3D compositing, and hundreds of effects and Animation Presets to bring a new dimension to your film, video, DVD, and Macromedia Flash productions.

New features

Redesigned, unified user interface
Work within an elegantly redesigned interface featuring workspace panels that dock and group for optimal organization, eliminating overlapping windows. Save custom workspaces, control UI brightness, and more.

Graph Editor
Create precise animations with the new Graph Editor, which offers complete visual control over keyframe editing and easy synchronization of animated properties across layers.

DR color support
Match the behavior of color and light in the real world with new 32-bit HDR color support. Achieve photo-realism by compositing in 32-bit-per-channel floating-point color. (Professional edition only.)

Timesaving Animation and Behavior Presets plus project templates
Produce great-looking animations quickly using hundreds of fully customizable Animation Presets, including presets for animating text, effects, transitions, backgrounds, and behaviors. Use included project templates for DVD motion menus and motion graphics backgrounds.

Real-time, high-fidelity OpenGL support
Experience real-time performance with advanced OpenGL 2.0 capabilities including support for blending modes as well as motion blur, anti-aliasing, track mattes, high-quality shadows and transparency, and accelerated rendering of common effects. Use OpenGL for accelerated final renders.
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Slow down and speed up footage with smooth, crisp results and minimal artifacts. Timewarp analyzes pixel motion to create more accurate in-between frames. (Professional edition only.)

Adobe Bridge
Simplify the everyday tasks of asset management with Adobe Bridge, which offers powerful ways to browse and search digital assets, preview and apply presets, work with metadata, manage files, and run batch processes.
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Expanded file format support
Take advantage of new support for HDV, FLV, Camera Raw, OpenEXR, AAF (Professional edition only), 10-bit YUV (v210), and 32-bit TIFF and PSD formats.

Unmatched Adobe integration
Experience an efficient Adobe workflow: Import Adobe Photoshop® and Illustrator® files with attributes preserved, and, in Windows®, import Adobe Premiere® Pro projects, add motion to static Adobe Encore® DVD software menus, export After Effects projects as Adobe Premiere Pro projects, and more.

Macromedia Flash Video (FLV) export
Streamline the process of encoding video and audio for your Flash projects with new FLV export.