Adobe InCopy CS2 4.0 Update Fix (профессиональный текстовый редактор)

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Adobe InCopy CS2 4.0 - профессиональный текстовый редактор, тесно интегрированный с пакетом Adobe InDesign CS2.

Предназначен Adobe InCopy CS2 4.0 для писателей, журналистов, редакторов и всех тех, кто, так или иначе, связан с процессами печати и верстки, обладает расширенным набором инструментов, позволяющих облегчить процесс редактирования и сэкономить время.
Adobe InCopy CS2 использует новый пользовательский интерфейс, и поддерживает улучшенные функции коллективной работы. В числе других его особенностей отмечается возможность создания, импорта, редактирования и экспорта документов в формате XML, а также средства динамической проверки правописания.
Adobe InCopy CS2 4.0 дает возможность пользователям импортировать, экспортировать и редактировать документы XML-формата. А поскольку другой продукт Adobe InDesign CS2 также позволяет работать с этим форматом, то документы, обработанные в InCopy CS2, могут с легкостью импортироваться в InDesign CS для их форматирования и верстки. Такое разделение процессов обработки формы и содержания позволяет подготавливать в InCopy CS2 тексты, а потом с легкостью использовать результат для верстки в других программах, например в InDesign CS2, с которым он тесно интегрируется.

Adobe InCopy CS2 - is a professional writing and editing program that tightly integrates with Adobe InDesign CS2 software, delivering a complete solution for collaborative editorial workflow. With 100% accurate copyfitting, highly customizable professional editorial tools, and support for parallel workflows between designers and editors, InCopy CS2 dramatically streamlines your editorial processes.

Top new features:
Assignments workflow - Work with assignments that contain only the InDesign CS2 elements you need, from a specific area of a page to an entire document. Track and manage file status, and view design changes as the designer makes them available to you.
Flexible graphics placement - Easily place, scale, crop, and rotate images and artwork, including inline graphics, in frames that designers have assigned to them.
Drag-and-drop text - Drag and drop selected text from one area to another as you edit your copy.
Paste without formatting - Automatically strip formatting from copy as you paste it from one location to another in InCopy CS2, or from a source application such as Microsoft Word or e-mail, to your InCopy CS2 file. The pasted text then inherits the formatting applied to its new destination.
Flexible dictionary management - Create and reference multiple dictiona-ries, including linking to shared dictionaries on a network. Easily import and export word lists from your dictionaries.
Automated text macros - Define text macros to speed entry of frequently used phrases in your copy. Type the macro shortcut—for example, WH for White House—followed by a space, and the shortcut automatically converts to the intended text.
Custom change-tracking display - Customize the way tracked changes are displayed onscreen.
Notes mode - Work with notes in the intuitive way editors prefer, with a single, context-sensitive keystroke to convert selected text into a note, a note into text, or to split notes.
Microsoft Word style conflict management - Easily resolve character and paragraph style conflicts when you open and import files from Microsoft Word, RTF, and TXT files. Customize how styles are mapped, preserve local overrides while removing all applied styles, and save all of your settings in a preset for future use.
Standalone copyfit - Set copyfit rules yourself if the actual layout has yet to be defined. Enter values for such parameters as page size, column width, and character count, and begin to create copy to exactly fit your needs.


System Requirements Windows:
- Intel Pentium III or 4 processor
- Microsoft Windows 2000 with Service Pack 3 or Windows XP
- 256MB of RAM (320MB recommended)
- 410MB of available hard-disk space
- 1,024x768 monitor resolution with 16-bit video card (24-bit screen display recommended)
- CD-ROM drive
- QuickTime 6 required for multimedia features
- For Adobe PostScript printers: PostScript Level 2 or PostScript


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Update Fix

Unpack these arhive to your first folder so that you have:
SetupHelp Center*.*
Adobe InCopy CS2.msi

Now you have right install folder.

To fix program's run ("AdobeInCopy is missing required system fonts or Cmap files. Please, reinstall") error you can:
1. Reinstall application
2. Or if you have already installed it, run and install
"SetupCommonfilesinstallerAdobe Common File Installer.msi"

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