AOAmedia Advanced X Video Converter ver.4.5.3

Posted By: mpe38
AOAmedia Advanced X Video Converter ver.4.5.3

Advanced X Video Converter is a comprehensive video conversion software that makes it easy to convert, join, and split video files among AVI, MPEG (MPEG-1, MPEG-2), MOV (QuickTime), WMV/ASF, VCD/DAT and SVCD formats. It can also extract audio tracks and images from videos.

1. Convert Video
Advanced X Video Converter works with all AVI formats. MPEG (MPEG-1, MPEG-2) formats are supported, along with MOV (QuickTime), WMV/ASF files and VCD, SVCD formats so that you can watch them on your TV with your family and friends.
2. Join Video
Advanced X Video Converter lets you join small video files into a large movie file. You can take the vacation, wedding, and family movies that you have scattered on your hard drive, and combine them creatively into a single movie file. Your movies will be much more enjoyable when you can play them all at once, without interruption.
3. Split Video
Advanced X Video Converter also splits large video files into smaller pieces. You can create files that are small enough to email to friends and family.

4. Extract Sound Track
If you want to listen to a song that’s in the background of your video, you can use the Extract Audio from Video option that the program features, and you will get a standard WAV/WMA audio file that you can play whenever you want, without having to run the video too.
5. Extract Images
Also, if there’s a view that you like in one of your movies, or you just want to convert a video into images, Advanced X Video Converter will help you do this with the Convert Video to Pictures feature. You can change the number of pictures which will be taken per second, and you can select the start and end time, so that no unnecessary pictures are taken.