AdventNet SecureCentral PassTrix ver. 4.0

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AdventNet SecureCentral PassTrix ver. 4.0

AdventNet SecureCentral PassTrix ver. 4.0 | Win32 | Size: 9.8 MB

SecureCentral PassTrix is a centralized, web-based Password Management Solution for Enterprises. It serves as a centralized repository for storing usernames and passwords of any 'network resource' such as a network device, a desktop server, an application et al.

PassTrix serves not just as a secure password repository, but offers a complete Password Management solution. Using PassTrix, one can store all passwords in encrypted form in the database and achieve role-based access control for users. That is, administrators can centrally create users, assign them with specific roles and define access levels. Only authorized users will get access to view, edit or manage the permitted 'resources' (i.e. the resources assigned to them) based on their role. Thus, PassTrix facilitates encrypted storage and secure sharing of passwords in enterprises where multiple users will have access to multiple resources. The user account information and passwords can be securely accessed from anywhere through a central web-interface.

PassTrix helps in achieving Password Synchronization too. Existing passwords of remote resources can be changed from PassTrix itself and the changed passwords are stored in the repository. The comprehensive auditing mechanism of PassTrix helps in tracking who changed what and when, thereby ensuring accountability in multi-member environment.

* Centralized password management
* Password encryption using AES algorithm
* Role-based access control for users
* Password Synchronization with remote resources
* Password Generator that helps in generating hard-to-guess passwords
* Comprehensive audit mechanism recording all user operations for all resources
* Provision for storing the passwords for personal use such as Email account information, Credit Card Numbers, PIN etc.

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