Adware Away 3.0.1

Posted By: FatBuu
Adware Away 3.0.1

Adware Away 3.0.1 | 2.5 MB

Adware Away is a malware removal tool, it is also a diagnostic tool for Windows operating system. Our goals is to target all hard-to-kill malwares including adware, spyware, browser hijacker, trojan and worm. With Adware Away, you can find and remove any new malwares and new variant of old malwares. Adware Away provides a customizing service which can greatly help those general computer users who have not much computer knowledge.

Now Adware Away can completely remove:

Reg32 Hijacker WinShow Hijacker BootConf Hijacker Hijacker Hijacker Lycos SideSearch Find4U Hijacker MyWebSearch Hijacker
IstBar Hijacker BlazeFind Hijacker Rapid Blaster Enhance CoolWebSearch Hijacker
IGetNet Hijacker SeekSeek Hijacker SlawSearch Hijacker About:Blank Hijacker New
SearchCenter Hijacker AddClass Hijacker Win32Bmp Hijacker Hijacker New
PerfectNav Hijacker MySearch Hijacker Xupiter Hijacker SideFind Hijacker
Begin2Search Hijacker EliteBar Hijacker GameBar Toolbar Hijacker
easy-search Hijacker easysearchbar Hijacker BestSearch Hijacker Hijacker Hijacker
MyWay Speedbar Clear Search Adware AdDestroyer Adware Virtual Bouncer Adware
TV Media Adware Gator eWallet Adware Cydoor Adware Cydoor ToPicks Adware
AdRotator Adware AdPartner Adware 2020Search Adware Bargain Buddy Adware
GAIN DashBar Adware Rapid Blaster Adware HuntBar Adware VX2 Better Internet Adware
NewtonKnows Adware BroadcastPC Adware WinFavorites Adware SaveNowAdware
WhenUSearch Adware SuperBar Adware TinyBar Adware OpenSite Adware
BookedSpace Adware DealHelper Adware TWain Tech Adware EasyWWW Adware
WinadClient Adware BrowserAid Adware BullsEyeNetwork Adware SearchExe Adware
Adroar Adware WinAdTools Adware Tsa Adware CommonName Adware
Cool Web Search (LSP) TopText (iLookup) NewDotNet (LSP) eBlaster Spyware
WebHancer (LSP) Hotbar Spyware Alexa Toolbar Comet Cursor Plus
FastSeeker Toolbar PowerReg Scheduler Free Scratch and Win LookToMe Spyware
zSearch Spyware WebRebates Msbb Spyware ShopAtHome Spyware
NetRatings Spyware TargetSoft Spyware WinUpdates Spyware WebOffer Spyware
Trojan & Worm
W32-Sasser Worm W32-Spybot Worm W32-Bagle Worm ASpam Trojan
BackDoor Jeem Qmin API Hook BackDoor Berbew Scagent Trojan
AgoBot Trojan Fatoos Trojan Stubby Trojan Win32 Rbot Worm