AgataSoft ShutDown Pro v2.5

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AgataSoft ShutDown Pro v2.5

AgataSoft ShutDown Pro v2.5
Win App | 1.5mb | RS.COM

The program can shutdown your computer in certain time, at the certain day, at low using of the processor of a computer, at absence of the user on a place in current of certain time. Hot keys for acceleration of usual actions can be used.
The program can shutdown computer automatically, the certain day of week during certain time.

Before shutdown you can specify to delete Temp files, Internet Explorer cache files, empty the recycle bin, delete records of recently accessed files.
Also you can shutdown computers on a network .

Some of its features are:
Shutdown the computer at a user-specified time.
CountDown Shutdown the computer in several time
Shutdown on low CPU usage
Remote Shutdown
Sheduled Shutdown
Idle Shutdown
Cleaning the computer before shutdown
Control Windows using the keyboard.

ShutDown modes:
Power off
Log off
Other modes:
Alarm clock
Display message

OS WinNT 4.x, Windows2000, WinXP, Windows2003