AIO Top 5 DVD Players by truonglv

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AIO Top 5 DVD Players by truonglv
bestest 5 DVD players!
AIO Top 5 DVD Players by truonglv

1. Power DVD
AIO Top 5 DVD Players by truonglv

Our #1 ranked product and "TopTenREVIEWS Gold Award" is PowerDVD 7, CyberLink's latest DVD player software.

CyberLink has set the standard for home theater viewing. The difference? CyberLink playback simply looks and sounds superior.

New, improved audio in version 7 converts 2-channel audio to multi-channel output. This means you'll hear more diverse sound, detail, and nuance, even with just two speakers or headphones (5.1 audio channels); this is called Virtual Surround-Sound. Or, if you have a high-definition sound system, the true Surround-Sound audio (a full 7.1 audio channels) will blow you away—you'll feel just like you're in the theater. You can optimize your sound on a system from two speakers to eight speakers, but it sounds fine on any system.

CyberLink's new video technology gives movies more intense, natural color and contrast, so you'll see more detail in those extra dark and extra light movie scenes. And the speedy video display rate means that your picture won't be clouded with flawed or blurred images when scenes change rapidly.

To top it off, CyberLink is simple to use. The program features intuitive menu choices, bookmarks and shortcuts throughout. You can find what you need fast.

2. WinDVD Plantium

3.DirectDVD Pro
The "TopTenREVIEWS Bronze Award" Winner, Direct DVD , is the latest DVD software produced by Orion Studios. This DVD player is an excellent product for playing DVD movies . Even at basic default settings this software offers excellent audio and video quality. The DirectDVD Theater Verb Processor simulates the cinema ambiance so well you'd swear you were at the movies.

4. CinePlayer Surround
CinePlayer Surround, produced by Sonic, is an excellent DVD player software program. One of the most outstanding features of CinePlayer Surround is its low CPU usage. Most DVD players hog about 33% of your CPU usage, but CinePlayer Surround steadily performs at only 23% CPU usage. This conservative range is ideal for playback on slower (or older) computers since less CPU usage means the player can play movies on slower processors without clipping and hopping.

5. DVD X Player
DVD X Player is one of the few, true region-free DVD players. This software can automatically detect and bypass region locks, making it the player of choice if you own DVDs from more than one region. You can also set the software up to skip the accusatory FBI warning screen and you can rig up a projection TV or on another TV-based device to view your movie on DVD X Playe
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