AiroPeek NX v2.02

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AiroPeek NX v2.02

AiroPeek NX v2.02 | 23.3 Mb

AiroPeek NX, WildPackets' expert wireless LAN analyzer, provides network engineers with the expert diagnostics they need to deploy, secure, and troubleshoot wireless LANs. AiroPeek NX covers the full spectrum of wireless LAN management requirements, including site surveys, security assessments, client troubleshooting, WLAN monitoring, remote WLAN analysis, and application layer protocol analysis.

Designed to deliver a complete WLAN troubleshooting and analysis solution solving complex wireless networks problems, AiroPeek NX can:

    Provide faster problem identification and resolution by taking advantage of unique real-time WLAN troubleshooting and packet drill-down capability in association with extensive parameter filtering.
    Offer ease-of-use and visual access to the wireless network by providing real-time views of the associations within the Wireless LAN, the conversation flows in the Expert as well as deep flow analysis in the comprehensive Visual Expert which displays details about network traffic and expert diagnoses.
    Maintain peak network performance by monitoring signal strength and noise level throughout the network.
    Identify and locate typical yet hard to diagnose problems on the network, including client authentication issues, client encryption issues, and throughput issues, just to name a few, using numerous 802.11-specific expert diagnostics.
    Develop and monitor baseline characteristics of the wireless network easily and quickly using comprehensive Statistics, Reports and Graphs.
    Respond immediately to problems on the wireless network using preconfigured, wireless-specific alarms and triggers.
    Perform analysis of mission critical applications both in real-time and post capture, including issues that would be masked by WEP and WPA encryption.
    Enforce wireless network security and topology policies using simple configuration settings.
    Perform site surveys using GPS location tagging while measuring signal strength and noise level per channel at various locations within the wireless network.
    Extend typical portable operation to distributed monitoring and troubleshooting at remote locations using the RFGrabber Probe

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