AirScanner Antivirus Pro for PPC v2.9

Posted By: car001
AirScanner Antivirus Pro for PPC v2.9

AirScanner Antivirus Pro for PPC v2.91

OS: PPC 2003 / WM 2003 / 5.0 | Size: 2,1 MB

Quarantine or eradicate embedded viruses and malware.
Fast, optimized scanning speed based on patent pending technology.
Automatic, online updates of virus signatures and scanning engine.
Support for PocketPC 2003/Windows Mobile 2003/Windows Mobile 5.0.
Easy online updates.

AntiTrojan Features:
In addition to an accurate virus scanner, Airscanner Mobile AntiVirus includes powerful tools for debugging Trojan horses:
Intercept memory resident viruses with an advanced process discovery tool.
Debug Trojan hacks with an easy-to-use registry viewer.
Uncover denial of service attacks with a rapid system analyzer.
Enter your own custom virus signatures (for experts).
Perform fast, recursive, and flexibly multithreaded filesystem scanning.

ActiveGuard now adds the following features:
Real-time virus scanning by default.
Additional "Slow" background scanning option.
A refined virus scanning engine that is 15% faster.
Online update history logging.
Real-time file input/output (I/O) event monitor notifies you when any files on your PDA are changed, created, or deleted…including full logging.

Tested and fully working.