Alligator Flash Designer ver.

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Alligator Flash Designer ver. | 2,64 MB

Selteco Flash Designer enables you to create interactive Flash animations for your Web site with minimum skills required. You cannimate images, texts or shapes and create a Flash movie with added sound and transition effects.

The program provides more than 130 built-in animation effects including Fade, Zoom, Rotate, Fly and more. It also offers basic editing tools to modify any image, resize it, add objects etc.

A preview browser allows you to display your animation exactly as it will appear on the web before saving it.Selteco Flash Designer is a software that allows you to create flash animations for your website.

The program can export all the HTML code necessary to integrate the Flash file with your web page.

Here are some key features of "Selteco Flash Designer":

· Animate images, shapes, texts and SWF clips
· Use more than 130 predefined animation effects like Fade, Zoom, Rotate
· Export SWF files and generate necessary HTML code
· Add WAV and MP3 sounds
· Use ActionScript to create interactive movies