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ALONsoftware Contact Guide v.1.21 Home
ALON Contact Guide for Series 60 is an advanced contact manager which provides the fastest way to search the required contact in your contact list and get in touch with that person. The Contact Guide is easy to use program and gives opportunity to tune the personal settings.

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OpenBit Babymonitor v.0.52 Home
BabyMonitor helps you monitor your baby from even a distance. If the baby cries or if any loud sound is produced, the phone will automaticly call you enabling you to hear what is happening. You can call and make sure everything is ok at any time. The phone will respond, activate automatically, without anyone picking up the receiver. If you want to let someone else to know when there might be a problem (for example your spouse), the program can send an SMS message to another phone. When BabyMonitor is activated, the phone accepts only the calls from you or from the other given phonenumber. All the other calls are rejected to protect your privacy. You can choose the sound level that will trigger the call.

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Mobile.INT Turbo Msn v1.6 Info
Turbo MSN is an instant messaging application for the MSN network.

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