Amayeta SWC Encrypt ver.1.0.1

Posted By: teamboy
Amayeta SWC Encrypt ver.1.0.1

Amayeta SWC Encrypt ver.1.0.1 | 5,40 MB

SWC Encrypt™ 1.0 encrypts your Flash® Component SWC files, protecting the ActionScript from the most popular Flash Decompiler Tools on the market. Secure your SWC Files today and prevent Reverse
Engineering and Decompiling!
SWC Encrypt™ 1.0 has been designed for Flash Component Developers who want to keep their ActionScript Secure. SWC Encrypt™ 1.0 provides high security and protection for your SWC Files, keeping the ActionScript safe from prying eyes. Having taken 2 years to create, SWC Encrypt™ 1.0 is an essential tool for Flash Component Developers.
SWC Files are an essential part of Flash Components, yet the ActionScript they contain can be easily viewed with most Flash Decompilers. SWC Encrypt™ 1.0 , built on the same Encryption Platform as SWF Encrypt™ 4.0, will encrypt and obfuscate the ActionScript within a SWC File, preventing decompilers from viewing the correct code.

The easiest way to understand the benefit of SWC Encrypt™ 1.0 is to compare a non-protected SWC with a Protected SWC. Please look at the screenshots below: