Anapod Explorer Universal Edition 8.9.2 + Patch

Posted By: dr.jacks

Anapod Explorer is the most advanced Windows iPod software available, offering full iPod management through full Windows Explorer integration under My Computer, easy drag and drop iPod transfer and iPod backup, PDA function support, web page interface access to your iPod through a built-in web server, powerful search and reporting capabilities using a built-in SQL database, and much more, all in one compact package.

Anapod Software currently supports the following devices:

Apple iPod nano
Apple iPod shuffle
Apple iPod mini: First Generation
Apple iPod mini: Second Generation
Apple iPod: First Generation (mechanical wheel)
Apple iPod: Second Generation (touch wheel)
Apple iPod: Third Generation (touch wheel)
Apple iPod: Fourth Generation (click wheel)
Apple iPod: Fifth Generation (video display)
Apple iPod photo
Apple iPod U2 Special Edition
iPod+HP (same as 4th Gen Apple iPod)

Anapod supports all iPod models available in the market.
All storage capacities (MB/GB) are supported.
Compatible with all iPod firmware versions.
Compatible with all versions of iTunes (including iTunes 6).
Runs on Windows 98SE, ME, 2000, and XP.


Password : dr.jack