AnFX ver.

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AnFX ver.

AnFX ver. | 3,15 Mb

AnFX (pronounced: anne-eff-ecks) stands for “Animation and Effects” and that's exactly what it is!
AnFX is a full featured, yet easy to learn interactive animation tool: It is powerful enough for the most demanding web master yet simple enough for a home user to create impressive interactive content for their home page.

AnFX is an exciting, revolutionary, easy to learn tool that lets anyone harness the power of Flash™ or Java™ to produce eye catching web animations containing not just text but shapes, images and audio also.

AnFX is a software that allows you create flash animations.

There is no need to understand Flash's complex frame based animation development concepts or programming or scripting. You can create advanced interactive designs using the AnFX designer without the need to type in a set of scripts or parameters. What needs to be done via scripts in many other tools can be accomplished with point and click simplicity in AnFX.

You don't even need to understand such terms as "key frames" and "motion tweening" to create movement effects in AnFX. With AnFX you deal with time instead of frames and setting up motion is faster and much more intuitive than using "motion tweening".

You export your animations to either Flash (.swf) format for playing in the Flash player or the AnFX Player (.afx) format for playing in the compact AnFX Java applet. Each format has its own strengths and weaknesses so AnFX lets you choose a deployment strategy on a project by project or customer by customer basis. You can even change your mind half way through a project as the .swf and .afx can be exported at any time from your AnFX design.

AnFX is made up of two components:

· The AnFX Visual Design Studio where you build your designs and export them to either .swf or .afx format.
· The tiny AnFX player which plays your .afx designs on the web (only required if you choose to export to .afx)

AnFX allows you to create actors that can be manipulated by various actions and triggered by events such as a mouse click, mouse enter, mouse exit etc.

Using combinations of actors and actions it is possible to create a limitless variety of effects played on your site using the compact AnFX player applet. You can even simulate many of the effects provided by single purpose tools that produce menus, scrolling text, marques, fading images etc., avoiding the need to have to learn and deploy multiple technologies on your site: with AnFX you can do it all - with just ONE highly productive and easy to use tool!