Animation Capture Converts Animated 3D Photo Shows

Posted By: irinovich
В дополнении к 3-D альбому идет конвертер в различные видео форматы. Прога той же фирмы что и 3-DAlbum. Сама её не пробовала,придется верить создателям

The Visviva Animation Capture software lets you convert 3D-Album presentations or any other Visviva applications into movie files in one of the following formats: MPEG, AVI, WMV, or RealMedia Movie.
The software not only captures the image and animation of your presentation, but also the sound and the background music.
The interface is simple. If you have any questions about a particular interface control, just rest the mouse cursor on the control and press the "F1" key to open the help document.
Звучит заманчиво! Пробуем!
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