ANTS Profiler 2.6.0 BUILD 62

Posted By: OlegO

ANTS Profiler™

- Code and memory profiling for .NET developers
- Code profile .NET applications
- Profile application memory use
- Profile both .NET desktop applications and ASP.NET web applications
- Optimize your code

ANTS Profiler is a tool for quickly and easily pinpointing performance bottlenecks in applications written in any of the languages available on the .NET Framework.

ANTS Profiler will profile nearly all .NET applications including Windows applications, ASP.NET web applications, COM+ applications and .NET Windows services.

To profile your application, use the application as normal, while running ANTS Profiler. ANTS Profiler then records the frequency and time spent in each line of your code, as you are using your application. A summary shows you the slowest code and methods, allowing you to quickly optimize your applications.

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