ApexSQL Diff v2005 10.0198

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ApexSQL Diff v2005 10.0198

ApexSQL Diff v2005 10.0198 | Windows | 22.43 MB |

Home Page:
Compare your SQL Databases in seconds - including BOTH Data and Structure.

* Automate Database comparisons with a powerful Command Line Interface (included as a standard option)
* Synchronize your databases
* Integrate seamlessly into your build process

ApexSQL Diff 2005 is a sophisticated database comparison tool that will analyze the differences in tables, procedures, views, users etc between two SQL Server databases.

ApexSQL Diff implements a state of the Art solution to the most complex database comparison scenarios including many unique features like Diff codes, RegEx object filters, Project Wizards and much more.


* [NEW] All new database objects in SQL Server 2005 supported
* [NEW] Synchronization Wizard for both Data and Structure
* [NEW] Column level Data comparison
* [NEW] New row level script difference viewer
* [NEW] Advanced handling of owners in Synchronization script (include and exclude)
* [NEW] Owner Mapping in comparison
* [NEW] Improved HTML Report for Structure and Data
* [NEW] Improved XML Export for Data
* [NEW] Significantly Improved Performance
* [NEW] All new database objects in SQL Server 2005 supported
* Provides a sophisticated summary, hints and warnings about potential problems that may occur when running the synchronization script.
* Compare Structure AND Data: ApexSQL Diff is a complete solution that compares Database Structure AND Data.
* Difference Codes: ApexSQL Diff is the only product to offer visual clues as to the reason for the difference - other products force you to script the object first before determining what the difference is.
* Command Line interface: ApexSQL Diff includes a powerful command line interface that can accept profiles of Option and Object selections.
* Customizable, Office Themed Interface: The familiar Microsoft Office themed interface makes learning ApexSQL Diff simple. The fully customizable interface makes working with it extremely fast and comfortable.
* Sophisticated Command Line Interface included as a standard feature (not as an expensive add-in)
* Proprietary dependency parser that allows for more accurate ordering on scripts than if SQL Server’s own sysdepends table was used.
* Includes an integrated character (not line) level script difference viewer and also allows for shelling out to external Diff tools like Compare it! and Beyond Compare.
* Powerful HTML reports – both simple and complex variants. Including collapsible regions and allows for user customizable output.
* Unique Difference codes show a visual summary of the type of differences without having to look at the line level differences. ApexSQL Diff includes a powerful filter that leverages these Diff Codes.
* Includes an integrated editor that allows for viewing and even running scripts, saving having to shell out to QA or SSMS.
* Powerful HTML reports – both simple and complex variants. Including collapsible regions and allows for user customizable output.

System Requirements

Software Prerequisite not included in Installers:
* Microsoft ActiveX Data Access Objects Library (ADO) (MDAC) 2.8 or greater.
* Microsoft SQL Server version 7.0 or later.
* Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0 or later is required for all products.

Compatible Operating Systems:
* Windows 2000
* Windows XP
* Windows 2003
* Windows Vista
* Compatible with 64 bit OS versions.

Processor: Personal Computer with an Intel Pentium 450 MHz or faster processor (Pentium III recommended)
RAM: 256 MB RAM (512 MB suggested)
Hard Disk Drive Space: 30 MB Free Disk Space


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