AppForge - CrossFire 6.0

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AppForge - CrossFire 6.0

AppForge - CrossFire 6.0 | Size: 58Mb

The Crossfire Mobile Application Platform enables you to develop applications in popular programming languages that work across the major devices and operating systems on the market today. Crossfire currently supports more than 500 devices and operating system combinations, including most RIM, Palm, Symbian and Windows Mobile devices.

Organizations that are struggling with managing the challenges of multiple devices and operating systems will find Crossfire a welcome solution.

Crossfire 6.0 Features:

* Translation of Visual Basic .NET and C# into native J2ME applications for BlackBerry devices within Microsoft Visual Studio
* Support for the entire Palm Treo smartphone product family
* Enhanced support for Nokia Series 60 and Series 80 mobile devices

* A BlackBerry user interface within the Visual Studio.NET IDE, allowing developers to visually design, implement and debug applications as they will appear on BlackBerry devices
* BlackBerry Enterprise Server™ compatibility, enabling Crossfire-developed applications to be centrally managed and deployed in a secure manner
* Ability to debug applications directly on the desktop using Visual Studio debugging tools
* Support for over 500 mobile products including BlackBerry, Motorola, Nokia, Palm, and Sony Ericsson
* Integration with the industry's leading mobile middleware providers