AppSense Management Suite v7.1.101.0

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AppSense Management Suite v7.1.101.0

AppSense Management Suite v7.1.101.0
Windows OS | 144 MB

AppSense Management Suite v7.1 is the latest version of our enterprise class software, including the complete AppSense product range, plus the brand new AppSense Management Center module. AppSense Management Suite v7.1 closes the gap between a system in its optimal state and its actual state through robust security, simplified management and improved system performance.

AppSense Management Suite 7.1 now includes:

* Support for 64-bit platforms
Agent and console software now supported on both 32-bit and 64-bit operating systems offering full control across mixed-architecture environments.

* Support for Microsoft Vista
Provides support for installation of AppSense agent and console on Windows Vista desktops

* Integrated Audit Reports
A rich, interactive set of reports for auditing application usage, integrated into the AppSense Management Center. Based on audit data stored in the centralized Management Center, these reports display a complete audit history across the entire enterprise. Flexible options for grouping and filtering allows you to create and export rich reports showing relative information to suit your business needs.

* Application Manager Scripted Rules
Apply application usage policies based on the outcome of a VBScript query, for each user session, or for all user sessions

* Environment Manager Event Reports
Full integration with the Management Center Reporting System, provides the ability to generate reports based on Environment Manager events. This includes default reports based on User Logon & Logoff events, Computer Startup events, Self Healing events and Removable Storage Control events.

* Centralized Reporting System Enhancements
A centralized reporting system for product events raised by Application Manager, Environment Manager, Performance Manager and the Management Center. The Management Center ships with a list of default reports but also provides the ability to import new reports as and when they become available on the AppSense website.

AppSense Management Suite v7.1.101.0

Key Benefits At A Glance
- Central configuration and policy management for the enterprise
- Provides optimal system stability and integrity for all servers and desktops
- Improved end user experience
- Deliver improved quality of service
- Improve system capacity and performance by 40% or more
- Simple to configure and deploy with extensive auditing
- Proactive protection against executable and script-based viruses
- Increase ROI and reduces IT management costs
- Solve the pain of user profile management through a self managed solution

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