NVIDIA Gelato ver. 2.0 R5

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NVIDIA Gelato ver. 2.0 R5

NVIDIA Gelato ver. 2.0 R5 | 90,2 Mb

Gelato 2.0 brings volumetric shadows, 3ds Max support via Frantic Films’ Amaretto plug-in, and other new features to Gelato, as well as improved speed, image quality, and reliability. But most importantly, Gelato 2.0 comes with the option of adding the Sorbetto feature set to your renderfarm. Sorbetto is a revolutionary relighting technology that is built into the Gelato 2.0 rendering engine, enabling you to make lighting changes to your scene interactively. With Sorbetto, you work with the final image, not an intermediate or proxy one, so when you relight you’re seeing the end product. Sorbetto makes lighting far more efficient, drastically reducing the iteration time for lighting changes, and enabling on-the-spot directorial and artistic decision-making.


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