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ArcGis Desktop 9.1 - ArcView

ArcGIS Desktop is an integrated suite of advanced GIS applications and interfaces, including ArcMap, ArcCatalog, ArcGlobe, ArcScene, ArcToolbox, and ModelBuilder. Using these applications and interfaces, you can perform any GIS task, from simple to advanced, including mapping; geographic analysis; data editing,compilation, and management; visualization; and geoprocessing. ArcGIS Desktop is scalable to meet the needs of many types of users. It is available at three functional levels:

ArcView focuses on comprehensive data use, mapping, and analysis.

ArcEditor adds advanced geographic editing and data creation.

ArcInfo is a complete, professional GIS desktop product containing comprehensive GIS functionality, including rich geoprocessing capabilities.

Additional capabilities can be added to all levels through a series of ArcGIS Desktop extensions from ESRI. You can also develop your own custom extensions to ArcGIS Desktop by working with ArcObjects, the ArcGIS software component library. You can develop extensions and custom tools using standard Windows programming interfaces, such as Visual Basic, .NET, Java, and Visual C++.

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